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Big Brother Spoilers: Why Dani Should Stick To Her Original Plan Despite Latest Twist

Dani Briones Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Monday, September 14. Read at your own risk!

When Dani Briones won her first Head of Household of Big Brother All-Stars, she thought it would be a relatively easy week. Much like the rest of her majority alliance, Dani could make the easiest nomination possible to stay in the group's good graces and keep their dominant run in the house going another week.

Unfortunately for Dani, a peaceful week wasn't in the cards. The alliance didn't know that David Alexander had a power to take himself off the block, and forced a surprise nomination on Dani. She panic nominated a target she'd been eyeing for a while, Tyler Crispen, but assured the alliance when they weren't thrilled about the pick that he would be safe against Kevin Campbell.

Then Da'Vonne Rogers won the veto and pulled down Kevin, and Dani has now been forced to put up Ian Terry next to Tyler. As Dani flails to ensure she can control the vote and do the most damage control to save Tyler, I'm here asking: wouldn't her original plan for an HOH been better?

Dani Briones Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Dani Briones' Original Plan Was To Evict Tyler

Before she was actually the Head of Household, Dani Briones campaigned to get Tyler Crispen out of the house. Once it was actually in her power to do so, she teased that the plan was to backdoor Tyler, but to start with the safe nominations of David Alexander and Kevin Campbell and only act if one of them comes down from the block. Now that has happened, everything is in place, and yet Dani is scrambling to ensure the thing she wanted doesn't happen after all.

Her reasoning at the moment is that the news was so poorly received by The Committee when Tyler was nominated ahead of the veto. Some were more upset than others, but the general question amongst them was, why would Dani Briones take out someone in the alliance when there are floaters still left to be picked off? Seeing the group was against the call, Dani assured she would do all she could to make sure Kevin left, and she certainly tried.

Not surprisingly, Da'Vonne Rogers was not convinced that not using the Power of Veto to take Kevin Campbell down was in her best interest. The Big Brother All-Stars houseguest pulled Kevin down, ultimately forcing Ian Terry's nomination which was far from ideal. Now Dani Briones is in hot water putting Nicole Franzel's "shield" on the block, who will likely go home on Thursday.

Tyler Crispen Big Brother All-Stars CBS

What Would Happen If Dani Briones Stuck To Getting Out Tyler Crispen

I truly believe that if Dani Briones worked towards actually getting Tyler Crispen out, it would be fine. Beyond the fact she'd look less foolish to Big Brother All-Stars viewers after they watched her scheme to get him out for two weeks, she's also targeting someone who has openly expressed wanting to target her as well. Once you take a shot at someone in your own alliance, that bell doesn't get unrung.

If Dani Briones successfully got Tyler Crispen out, she'd have the support of Da'Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, David Alexander, and Kevin Campbell. Additionally, she's heavily aligned with Cody Calafiore, and while he likes Tyler, he's already done damage control trying to shove a bunch of blame on this incident on Da'Vonne. People like Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett would be upset to see Tyler go, but not so much that they'd prioritize Dani being on the block immediately following this week.

And while it is true that Dani did intentionally nominate Tyler before the veto, it's not like this whole debacle is really her doing. I don't believe The Committee would focus its attention squarely on Dani just because Tyler was sent to the jury. He's a big target anyway. Leaving him in the game to get out a couple of weeks from now is the type of decision players later regret, so why not take the shot and own it later when the time comes for the jury to discuss big game moves?

Dani Briones Tyler Crispen Big Brother All-Stars CBS

The Situation Dani Briones Has Created Trying To Save Tyler Crispen

Ian Terry's nomination put Dani Briones in a bad position with Nicole Franzel, who does not want to lose him at this point in the game. It's a direct side effect of Dani's early nomination of Tyler Crispen, as The Committee is trying its best not to self-cannibalize and prevent losing a number. If she wanted to vote Tyler out now she could still do that, but she'd need to break the tie as Head of Household and send him out.

Instead, Dani is trying to ensure that Ian Terry leaves, which will keep the person she's been caught openly targeting twice in the house. Additionally, the decision will go against what she told Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Da'Vonne Rogers, so there are three more people that can't trust her. I also don't think Nicole Franzel will forgive the slight against her so easily and will look for some form of revenge against Dani in the near future if she can.

Dani Briones may not find herself on the block directly after this week, but she'll certainly have a limited supply of people she can count on to help her with future game moves. Instead of realizing how much all this stuff will impact her game moving forward, Dani has been trying to play puppet master this week and force others to make moves that only made sense for her game.

After this week she'll have to leave the HOH and deal with everyone she lied to the week prior who are upset with the outcome. At least with Tyler, there would be less anger or open danger than lying to the other side of the house twice about how nominations would go.

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