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Blake Shelton Teams Up With The Fast And The Furious Writer For New Series That Won’t Be Fast But May Be Furious

Blake Shelton and The Fast And The Furious Side-by-side

Blake Shelton has long been a mainstay on the unscripted series The Voice, but now he’s getting into producing scripted television as well. He’s teaming up with The Fast and The Furious story and co-writer Gary Scott Thompson for a new TV series that won’t be fast but could be furious.

The new project is called God’s Country, which is a phrase that Blake Shelton fans should be familiar with. The country music star had a #1 country hit with the song of the same name last year and it has even been performed on The Voice. The TV project will be about a midwestern family (like the song, which ties into Shelton's Oklahoma roots) and will follow a family who loses its patriarch and must deal with the ramifications of a “devastating secret,” per THR.

To follow this Fast and Furious comparison down the rabbit hole, Midwesterners aren’t known for living fast. I may be generalizing, but I’m a born and bred Midwesterner, so I’m pretty comfortable with my assessment here. The pace may not be as slow as the South but Midwestern life is often very steady and predictable, except where the weather is involved. God’s Country won’t be about fast cars or high-octane action, but often secrets have consequences and there's a good chance given this is a drama that there will be some furious family members in the story when this secret being teased is revealed.

It may seem odd that a writer involved in a famous action franchise is also involved with an NBC Universal family drama about a “hardworking Midwestern” clan, but the man has written a wide breadth of content before. Gary Scott Thompson was the creator of the series Las Vegas, which ran in the early 2000s and is also responsible for writing the story for Kevin Bacon’s Hollow Man.

A script commitment has already been setup at the network, but God’s Country still has a ways to go before it will officially be heading to series at NBC. The good news is that both Blake Shelton and Gary Scott Thompson do have a history at the network. There’s the fact Shelton has been a staple on The Voice and he also has collaborated with NBC NASCAR. As for Gary Scott Thompson, Las Vegas was also set up at NBC. So, there is some precedent for God’s Country to get some traction if it makes sense for the network.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Meanwhile, it’s just kind of nice to hear new projects are getting off of the ground again. While a lot of creators have been busy working on scripts and doing other planning, most Hollywood work was grounded to a halt for months. And as productions get back to work, new TV projects should too. For now, see what’s coming this fall with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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