NBC's Transplant Took A Bold Step Toward Potential Disaster For Multiple Characters


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Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of Transplant on NBC, called "Saleh."

Transplant debuted as one of the first big new fall TV shows this year, and the series has delivered stories unlike anything viewers can find on other medical dramas. The latest episode not only addressed one of the most unlikely elements of the show, but in doing so delivered a bold move that could spell disaster for more than one character. Jed Bishop has told a big lie for Bashir Hamed, and that could backfire pretty spectacularly.

Bash spent most of "Saleh" juggling his work at York Memorial in Toronto with helping his friend save lives after a bombing back in Syria. This was especially complicated in light of Bishop's order for Bash to be irreproachable in his work due to the not-so-little fact that York Memorial doesn't actually have the transcripts that would prove Bash is indeed a doctor.

The good news is that Bishop took initiative and dealt with the legal department's concerns about Bash's transcripts; the bad news is that how he went about it could get them both in a lot of trouble. The episode ended with Bash seeking out Bishop, seemingly believing that he was in trouble after getting caught helping Saleh via video call. Bishop explained the situation, saying:

I spoke to the Dean's office at your med school today. I didn't get the transcripts but they did assure me they exist and confirmed your qualifications.... I told legal I would swear whatever they need so that we can put this thing to bed, once and for all.... Bashir, you need to learn to take yes for an answer. We're in this together now. Don't let me down.

Now, on one level, this might be a good thing that takes care of the technicality that would otherwise prevent Bash from practicing medicine in Canada, and maybe all will be well and good from now on. On a most disastrous level, the man who refused to use a forged copy of his transcripts because it was wrong just had his boss pull him into a very big lie. Yes, they're "in this together now," but Bash didn't actually have any say in it. And is this a lie that can feasibly hold water forever?

Since Bash is an enemy of the state in Syria and unlikely to get his transcripts released from the state-controlled university, it's possible that he and Bishop can get away with this falsehood for a while. I doubt Bishop made a hospital-wide announcement to let all the employees know about the story he spun, so it would take somebody who knew both that Bash didn't have his transcripts and that Bishop lied about the call to the university for the story to fall apart.

Still, for a guy who was talking about Bash as a potential liability for the hospital earlier in the episode, lying about him before the end of the hour was a pretty big and bold step from Bishop! There's no denying that Bash has the skills to practice medicine at York Memorial and got the education he needed, so this isn't a case of Transplant going full Suits with Bash. That said, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out, and Bash may have to start telling lies of his own before the end.

All things considered, I'm guessing the lie won't come to light before the end of the first season. Although Transplant is currently airing new episodes for the first time on NBC, the series was actually produced for CTV and has already aired its full first season in Canada. CTV also renewed Transplant for Season 2, so more is on the way. For now, American viewers can look forward to the next new episode of Transplant, airing on Tuesday, October 6 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. For some additional viewing options for the not-too-distant future, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule!

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