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First Look At Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Reveals More Heartbreak Is On The Way

Grey's Anatomy Teddy Grace Altman Kim Raver ABC
(Image credit: Ali Goldstein / ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy is finally heading back to ABC for Season 17, and a first look has revealed more romantic drama is on the way. When it comes to the medical drama, one of the main prognoses tends to be a broken heart, and Season 17 will be no exception. Ellen Pompeo has teased that it would be worth the wait. Is she right?

Viewers can see how their first look at Season 17 stacks up with that big compliment from its veteran star. Grey’s Anatomy seemingly returns in full-force following a dramatic Season 16 ending, and the new footage sees one of the show’s most troubled couplings face each other with no small amount of emotion. Check out the first look below:

There you have it. A tearful Teddy says that she loves Owen despite cheating on him with Tom. In the impromptu finale that ended Grey’s Anatomy’s previous season prematurely, the truth came out to Owen. Teddy was in a moment of passion with Tom when she accidentally called Owen… on what was supposed to be their wedding day.

The result was a voicemail of Teddy and Tom’s hookup, which Owen heard. Kim Raver had promised some intense stuff on the way for Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy following the reveal that Teddy had a girlfriend named Allison, who had died in the 9/11 attacks. Season 17 should see that and more explored when it premieres on November 12.

How on earth Teddy could get back together with Owen after cheating with Tom is anyone’s guess. If it even happens. Owen looks pretty devastated in the Grey’s Anatomy teaser. Season 17 arrives in November after Grey’s Anatomy had to pull the plug on its previous season early back in the spring.

Hence, ample anticipation for the show to dig into all of the drama it had stoked with its final episode. Teddy and Owen are not the only couple going through it. However, Meredith and DeLuca’s chances have sounded pretty good heading into Season 17. Of course, no couple can rest easy for long on Grey’s Anatomy.

Not set to return is, of course, Justin Chambers’ Alex Karev. The actor’s abrupt departure sent shockwaves through the Grey’s Anatomy fanbase last season, and the buzz did not let up there. The medical drama dealt out a controversial and widely criticized ending for the fan-favorite character. Season 17 will be Grey’s Anatomy’s first full season without Alex.

Are you prepared to see it unfold? Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy premieres Thursday, November 12, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC as one of this fall’s premieres. While you wait for new episodes of the medical drama, check out some old ones! Grey’s Anatomy is currently streaming on Netflix, along with lots of new 2020 content.

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