Stranger Things Season 4 Returns To Production With Creepy Behind-The-Scenes Photo

The cast of Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things was one of the various shows that was forced to shut down production due to the global health crisis, which led to a lot of uncertainty when it came to the highly anticipated fourth season. For the past few months, many have asked the cast and crew for updates, but those answers have somewhat varied due to changes brought on by the pandemic. Thankfully, the series has finally re-entered production, and the crew marked the occasion by posting a creepy behind-the-scenes photo.

The social media accounts for Stranger Things have always done an effective job of both exciting (and teasing) fans with tidbits for upcoming seasons. Now, with Season 4, the accounts have shared an appropriately strange photo that shows a clapboard in front of an eerie clock. Check out the Twitter tease for yourself down below:

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While it’s not much, it is enough to get fans hyped about what’s to come in the new season, and it wouldn’t be surprising if many are already speculating as to what the clock means for the new episodes.

Stranger Things Season 4 originally began shooting back in February in Lithuania was also set to start shooting in New Mexico and Atlanta. It was recently reported that production was to start back up at the end of September, and this new photo appears to have validated that claim.

Although filming was at a stand-still, the writing staff did still find ways to be proactive during quarantine, as they actually completed all of the scripts for the season during the shutdown. This represents a change in the show’s typical creative process, which has already attracted notice from the show’s stars.

The cast and crew, of course, understood that shutting down was the best course of action. But cast member Finn Wolfhard took the news a bit hard since production was moving along well before shooting was halted. Still, his co-star, Joe Keery, believes the delay could be good for creators Matt and Ross Duffer, as they would have additional time to refine their vision.

That vision is still a bit unclear at this point, given that most plot details have been kept under wraps. Though when they initially announced the start of filming, they confirmed the return of David Harbour’s Jim Hopper, who is alive (but not so well) after the events of Season 3. Harbour himself has also talked up the season, comparing it to Indiana Jones and revealing that we’ll learn more about his fan-favorite sheriff.

The wait for Stranger Things Season 4 is definitely going to be longer than we expected, yet we can at least take comfort in knowing that the cast and crew are currently back to work. Let’s also hope the team remains safe while they return to the Upside Down.

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