Why Stranger Things’ Season 4 Delay Could Be ‘A Good Thing’, According To One Star

Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley and Joe Keery as Steve Harrington on Stranger Things (2019)

Stranger Things was one of the many shows to be affected by the global health crisis, as production on Season 4 was forced to halt production in Atlanta back in March. As a result, its release date is currently in flux. This development has left some of its stars, like Finn Woflhard, disappointed, but Joe Keery is trying to remain optimistic. The actor, who plays everyone’s favorite “Mom” Steve Harrington, isn’t sure how the season will ultimately be affected by the delay, but he thinks the situation does give the show’s creators more time to polish the new set of episodes:

Hard to say, really. I mean, it definitely gives them more time to write, and I think that that’s always good. I guess there’s the issue of the kids growing, but apart from that, I just think that we want to get the show out as soon as possible for people. That’s definitely true. But something that the [Duffer] brothers have always been extremely, extremely controlling over is just the quality control of the show. So, if this just gives them more time to realize what their vision is, then yeah, I think it could be a good thing.

Joe Keery does make a good point, especially when you consider just how much time creators Matt and Ross Duffer have had to talk things over with the writers. As a matter of fact, a change in script distribution has already been alluded to for the new season. However, with all of the scripts for Season 4 apparently completed, the siblings and their collaborators may not be aiming to change too much.

Despite this extended wait, Stranger Things Season 4 is shaping up to be something special and, during his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Keery gave his spoiler-free thoughts on it:

‘It’s crazy! It’s crazy!’ Hmm, what to say… It’ll be worth the wait, hopefully.

Joe Keery isn’t the only Stranger Things star to tease some exciting things for the new season. Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers on the show, has seen scripts and he’s had nothing but good things to say about them. David Harbour has also teased an epic season that includes plenty of scares and shares similarities Indiana Jones. In addition, the actor has hinted at some major changes for his lovable and grizzled Jim Hopper, who will be “coming back from the dead” this season.

Most would agree when I say that the wait for Stranger Things (and plenty of other returning TV shows) hasn’t been the easiest. But the show has always been able to up the ante with each season, meaning that Season 4 should be well worth the wait. Let’s just hope we get it before the younger actors are in college.

Until the new season arrives, you can stream the first three seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix now.

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