Netflix’s Selena Trailer Reveals Full Look At Walking Dead Star As The Singing Icon

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When it comes to musical icons, the late, Selena definitely stands among some of the greats. Though her electric presence and talent are sorely missed, her legacy has been well preserved by her family and fans. More recently, fans will get the chance to get dive deeper look into her life with Netflix’s Selena: The Series. We’ve only seen glimpses of the upcoming show up to this point, but The Walking Dead's Christian Serratos takes center stage as the beloved singer in the latest trailer.

The new trailer for Selena: The Series sums up the vivacious of the singer, and Christian Serratos continues to show why she was so well cast for the role. The footage shows snippets of her dancing on stage. It also features a brief voiceover from the actor likely playing her father. Check it out below:

Though it may not give away much, It’s clear that the creators are really trying to capture the spirit of Selena and capture her journey in a compelling (and respectful) way. This is helped by the fact that the singers’ father also serves as an executive producer on the series as well.

This is certainly a change of pace for Serratos, who is usually known for fighting off zombies but, based on this, she seems to have no problem making the transition. The actress has definitely thrown herself into the role and aside, from Selena herself, she has some serious shoes to fill.

Jennifer Lopez originally played the singer in 1997’s Selena, for which she received acclaim from both critics and general audiences. Even to this day, it’s still considered to be one of her signature roles. Nevertheless, it’s likely that Serratos simply went into the role hoping to put a different kind of spin on things, while also paying due respect to the late singer.

While Selena did a nice job of telling the singer’s story, this show allows for the opportunity to tell a more in-depth story that covers even more facets of Selena’s life. There’s always the chance we may learn things about her that we didn’t know before. And with her family assisting behind the camera, the series should be an authentic take on the events that led to her rise to stardom and eventually, her unfortunate death at the age of 23.

This trailer definitely has me eager to see more, and I’m excited to see what Christan Serratos brings to the role. She definitely seems to be having fun with the role, and this should hopefully translate into a vibe that’s both exhilarating and appropriately emotional. So prepare to sing and break out those tissues while you’re at it.

Selena: The Series arrives on Netflix on December 4.

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