Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Nominated, And Who Is The Target In Week 10

Nicole Franzel Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Friday, October 9. Read at your own risk!

Nicole Franzel's HOH win may be the biggest surprise Big Brother All-Stars has seen in a while and a saving grace to Cody Calafiore's game. Suffice it to say he'll likely be sitting pretty this week, provided his true Final 2 partner isn't planning some sort of major betrayal.

There are not many people left in the house which, in some ways, makes Nicole's HOH an easier one than most. Here's who she nominated, who the target is, and the odds that they'll be leaving the house this week.

Christmas Abbott Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Christmas Abbott

This house ain't big enough for two women, apparently. So, Nicole Franzel decided to nominate the only other woman in the house, making her the sole surviving female of Big Brother All-Stars. Truth be told, Christmas and Nicole were never really close in this game, so this nomination was sure to come regardless of the events of the past few weeks.

With that said, it certainly helped Nicole feel good about the decision, considering Christmas tried to vote her out in the Triple Eviction, and then Christmas' Final 2 partner Tyler Crispen nominated her yet again. Nicole has ample reason to nominate Christmas from a game perspective, not that she really needed a huge reason this late in the game.

Memphis Garrett Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Memphis Garrett

Memphis Garrett had some grand plans ahead of the Head of Household, knowing that there was a solid chance someone in his Wise Guys alliance would secure the Head of Household. After all, Nicole Franzel had yet to win a competition, who would've thought she had what it took to beat Memphis, Christmas Abbott, and Enzo Palumbo?

Had one of those three won, there was a solid chance Nicole and Cody Calafiore would've been on the block this week and one of them was going home. That was a plan Memphis was pushing hard, so I wouldn't be surprised if that news slips out as the week continues to put a bigger target on his back.

Nicole Franzel Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Who Is The Actual Target?

If Nicole Franzel has her way this week, it will be Memphis Garrett being sent to the jury house. It's the smart play, considering Memphis is one of the strongest competitors and a major target that has a good chance of beating everyone in the jury vote in a Final 2 scenario. Nicole is more or less doing it because he nominated her for eviction up against David Alexander during the Triple Eviction, and because nominating Enzo Palumbo would make Cody Calafiore mad.

The real question is whether or not Enzo or Cody will allow that eviction to happen. If nominations stay the same they'll be the sole two votes, and right now Cody is pushing for Enzo to keep Memphis Garrett in the house. Enzo, who was entertaining the idea of going along with Memphis and Christmas Abbott in voting out Cody this week (if they had the option), is wary about leaving Memphis in the game for good reason. Why would Cody want to keep someone in the game who could potentially beat him?

The answer, it seems, is that Cody Calafiore is more worried about Christmas Abbott. She's the only person he isn't in a solid alliance with, so her leaving the house in his mind all but assures he'll see the Final 3. Christmas leaving would mean he has a Final 2 deal with Enzo/Nicole/Memphis and a Final 3 with Enzo/Memphis. What Cody is completely overlooking is the fact that Memphis might screw him over and vote him out before Final 3, as could Enzo.

You'll notice I haven't mentioned people respecting what Nicole Franzel wants, that's not going to happen this week. Nicole seems to know this and is beginning to sense she's the "goat" being taken to a Final 2 for whoever is left to get an easy win. In her mind, that will be Cody Calafiore, but it could just as easily be Enzo or Memphis. This decision will be made regardless of what she wants, but that's not exactly uncommon at this stage of the game, either.

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