Big Brother Spoilers: Why Cody's Current Plan Could Lead To His Eviction

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Monday, October 5. Read at your own risk!

Cody Calafiore has played a dominant game on Big Brother All-Stars, but it may soon have been all for naught. The actor and Big Brother Season 16 runner-up was on track for another Final 2 showdown, but now it's looking like his game may come to an end before he gets the chance, thanks to everything that has gone down in the past week.

Cody Calafiore won the Week 9 Head of Household, but in hindsight, that may not have been an ideal one for him to win. Cody seemed safe from eviction heading into the week, but he instead gunned for the win, capturing yet another HOH and then using it to nominate Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott, to try and break up the only remaining alliance he wasn't a part of. After Cody captured the veto, it seemed like all was going according to plan, at least until the house decided to flip its target.

So Cody Calafiore went into the nominations wishing to get Christmas Abbott out, but now it's looking like Tyler Crispen is the popular choice. Tyler is not a part of either of the Wise Guys alliances, and he scorned Nicole Franzel with a nomination during the Triple Eviction. Now, even if Cody wanted to save Tyler, it doesn't seem like he'll have the votes to keep him from exiting the house.

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Why Losing Tyler Is Devastating For Cody's Game

Keeping Tyler Crispen this week benefitted Cody Calafiore in two ways. Not only did it remove Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo's ally Christmas Abbott from the game, but it also gave them a target to look out for in Tyler. With Memphis and Enzo keeping an eye on Tyler, they'd want to keep Cody around that much more to prevent their own eliminations.

If Tyler goes, however, then Memphis and Enzo have Christmas to fall back on for a Final 3 alliance. With Cody unable to play for Head of Household in the following week, those three will go up against Nicole Franzel to snag that competition. That gives them a 75% chance of winning, thought the percentage may be higher given Nicole's atrocious competition performance in Big Brother All-Stars. For those unaware, Nicole has yet to win a single competition in Season 22.

This means Enzo/Memphis/Christmas can put Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore on the block and, even if one wins the veto, one of them would get the boot. Cody Calafiore is no slouch when it comes to competitions so I wouldn't rule him out for a veto win, but he's up against some stiff competition.

Cody Calafiore Big Brother All-Stars CBS

Would Cody Really Get Voted Out In Week 10?

In the hypothetical that Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel are still on the block following the Week 10 veto, the odds are looking strong that he would go home. As previously stated, Cody is the better competitor of the two, and frankly, he has been the key voice in all of The Committee's decisions to this point. If anyone besides Memphis Garrett wants to win Big Brother All-Stars, they'd be better served to vote him out.

In a strange twist of fate, Nicole Franzel's lack of doing anything meaningful in the game may guarantee her safety against Season 22's strongest competitor. The rest of the house would much rather go into a Final 2 with Nicole than Cody, as all of them would likely win in that matchup. Again, this plan would be contingent on Cody Calafiore not winning the veto after his nomination, but if that didn't happen, it would be silly for others not to take the shot so close to the finale.

And yes, this is a plan the houseguests are discussing. Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett talked up the idea of nominating Cody Calfiore and Nicole Franzel on Monday, October 5, and while there's still a chance Memphis and Enzo Palumbo are just lying to Christmas because they want to evict her next week, a Cody and Nicole nomination makes more sense from a game perspective. Meanwhile, Cody is none the wiser and is presumably thinking the guys of the house will gun for an HOH that results in Christmas or Nicole going home.

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How Cody Could Potentially Save Himself Before Next HOH

Cody Calafiore has the Power of Veto, and if he's smart, he'll use it to save Tyler Crispen. If Cody could somehow work out a deal with Tyler, he'd then have Tyler and Nicole gunning for him in the next Head of Household competition. He may still be nominated by Tyler, but with Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo still in the house, I think they'd sooner save him than Nicole Franzel, if they were on the block together.

There's also a chance that Cody will be saved, with Nicole Franzel winning the Head of Household. As I stated earlier, the odds of that feel pretty low, considering she's going up against an alliance of people who have won multiple comps in Season 22 so far, but she's been studying hard in hopes of taking over a mental competition. One would imagine that might be the competition she'd have the biggest edge with against her competitors, though it's worth noting Nicole has not performed well in any prior mental competition this season, either. Long story short, if Cody is hoping Nicole is going to clutch out an HOH win, he may already know his game is in some real trouble.

Which means it's going to come down to what has dictated runs in Big Brother All-Stars all season long: competition wins. If Cody does get nominated and wins a veto to take himself off the block, "That's it, yo." Beyond that, I don't see Cody talking his way off the block unless Tyler Crispen is still in the game, so he better decide if taking a risk now may save his game as time goes on.

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