Kate McKinnon Had A Banger Of An SNL Episode, Took Shots At Rudy Giuliani In Borat 2 And More

Kate McKinnon on SNL 2020 as Rudy Giuliani

What a weekend, both for Borat fans and for SNL's Kate McKinnon. The new Borat: Subesquent Moviefilm has been out since Friday following news re-breaking that seemingly put Rudy Giuliani in a bit of a compromising position with young actress Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s daughter and a reporter in the film. Of course, Saturday Night Live couldn’t resist getting in on the joke and they let Kate McKinnon do it.

In the sketch, Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey are debating about healthcare and other topics, as happened in the real debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden last week. At one point, SNL Trump says he’s going to bring in Rudy Giuliani and does, which gives Kate McKinnon the opportunity to steal the show and parody Borat 2 in one fell swoop. Take a look.

If you haven’t caught Borat 2 yet we’re about to get into spoilers about the movie, so just be forewarned. The basic gist is that Borat finds out he has a daughter in the movie, she follows him to the States and they hatch a plan to give her to Rudy Giuliani as a present. On the way, she learns about feminisms and American freedoms, becoming a journalist. But she ultimately wants to be given as a present to Giuliani in order to help her dad on his mission.

This leads to an outright zany scene in the movie in which Borat’s daughter and Rudy Giuliana do, in fact, engage in an interview. They go into a second room for a drink and at one point the scene looks a little compromising. Rudy Giulini had been open about the incident prior to the release of the movie and has said that he was just untucking his shirt to pull out his mic, but the whole thing obviously does not play well for Giuliani in the movie, and ultimately Borat comes in and “saves the day” for his daughter. Awkward, and the tucking scene is what Kate McKinnon was alluding to on SNL. End spoilers.

For the last few weeks during these Trump/Biden sketches all eyes have really been on Jim Carrey, who was still zany but certainly not the center of attention with Kate McKinnon involved this week. It wasn’t McKinnon’s only big skit during the episode, either, as she memorably played a fortune teller warning about the year 2020 in a bit with Adele that's spot-on.

Anyway, SNL with Adele was great. Borat 2 was great. If you haven’t caught either, the former can be streamed on Peacock and highlights can be seen on NBC.com. As for Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, you can catch that one (and the original) on Amazon. We'll keep you updated as SNL moves forward next week, but if this week was any indication for Kate McKinnon -- and apologies for making an Alicia Keys reference during Adele's big week onstage -- but that girl is on fire.

Jessica Rawden
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