Adele Did An American Accent For An SNL Promo And It's Way Better Than I Would Have Guessed

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Adele is well-known for many things, and she's about to impress as this Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live. From her Grammy-award winning music to her live performance skills, Adele’s British accent is another huge facet of her identity. So what would it be like to hear Adele without it? That is the million-dollar question that Adele has answered with a stunning impression of an American accent for an SNL promo.

The results are more impressive than many of us may have anticipated. Adele was joined by this week’s Saturday Night Live musical guest, H.E.R., and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon for the promo. McKinnon stayed “in character” (or at least I think so). Adele’s American accent definitely got her attention, though, as you can see in the promo she nailed it with a pretty American-esque line:

Oh my God, how are you girlfriend?

Wow! I have watched Adele’s impression several times, and it never stops being impressive. The mask (while necessary) does sort of take away from the full effect of seeing Adele’s mouth move as she is doing her take on the American accent. But if you've watched Saturday Night Live recently, you know that the masks will come off during the actual episode.

So curious minds will soon get to see Adele’s lips move, as she hosts this week’s Saturday Night Live. Upon the initial confirmation, the signer shared an exciting post about getting to take on the duty. That Adele is so apt at doing an American accent makes me believe that she could have several characters at her disposal this week. From playing a Valley Girl to emodying a New Yorker, the sky might be the limit.

Like her predecessors this season, first-time host Adele will be performing in front of a live studio audience, as the sketch comedy found a creative way to get one, which actually included paying them. Despite this being, the singer's first time as a host, she has been a musical guest and the subject of a skit in which her music helped resolve familial tension.

No one was probably prepared for Adele to possibly have the trick of an American accent up her sleeve. Saturday Night Live will undoubtedly utilize her skills to their best ability when she guest hosts tonight. And whether or not Jim Carrey’s Jim Biden impression goes over better with viewers after this Saturday’s episode will be another discussion point.

Hopefully, Adele’s skills will be incorporated into the show, though I would be bet they will be. Tune in to find out how things play out when Adele guest hosts Saturday Night Live with H.E.R. as the musical guest. The episode airs tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. And for other new content outside of SNL’s new season, check out this fall’s schedule.

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