Kim Kardashian Channeled Tiger King’s Carole Baskin For Her Halloween Costume, And I Can’t Look Away

Kim Kardashian and Carole Baskin

Halloween is upon us and, with it, comes a cavalcade of costumes from folks across social media. Of course, general social media users aren’t the only ones who share their holiday looks, as celebrities also enjoy getting in on the fun. 2019 was a year that was filled with notable Halloween outfits, including Gabrielle Union’s Bring It On-inspired mother-daughter costumes. Of course, the Kardashian-Jenner family typically joins the festivities, and Kim Kardashian chose to be Tiger King’s Carole Baskin this year. The result is something that may not leave your brain immediately.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a Halloween snapshot of her in costume as Tiger King alum Carole Baskin. In the image, she’s also joined by longtime friend Jonathan Cheban, who assumed the role of Joe Exotic, and her four kids, who are dressed as tiger cubs. You can check out the image for yourself down below:

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Is it weird that whenever I see Carole Baskin moving forward, I’ll probably just be thinking about Kim Kardashian’s take on her look? Yeah… it’s weird. Though that still doesn’t change the fact that Kardashian’s costume is spot-on. With Tiger King mania having hit the world earlier this year, it was only natural that the craze would find its way into the Halloween season through costumes, even though some were dressing like Tiger King alums way before October.

Kim Kardashian will soon be followed by others who are set to embody Carole Baskin, although these people will be playing her on either film or television. SNL fan favorite Kate McKinnon is set to play Carole Baskin on NBC’s Tiger King series, which honestly sounds like perfect casting. Meanwhile, Baskin is also set to be portrayed in a big-screen adaptation, with the producers reportedly eyeing Tara Reid, another solid casting choice. Now, I’m wondering how Kim Kardashian would play the character in a TV or film project.

While that more than likely won’t be happening, Kim Kardashian has had other reasons to celebrate as of late. The reality TV star just had her 40th birthday, which was a throwback to many of her past birthday bashes.

And of course, she marked the occasion in the most Kim Kardashian way possible. She posted a photo of herself in a bikini, declaring “This is 40!” We’d expect nothing less from the starlet, who will also be saying goodbye to her long-running reality TV show very soon.

Kim Kardashian’s take on Carole Baskin is only one of many costumes that we’ll likely see before Halloween weekend is over. There’s no telling who celebrities will choose to dress up as, but you can bet they’re going to bring their A-games just like everyone else.

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