Gabrielle Union And Her Daughter Busted Out Bring It On Costumes For Halloween

Bring It On Gabrielle Union-Wade throws her arms up for a cheer

We’re in the homestretch of Spooky Season, friends; and as such, it’s time to see some of the awesome costumes your favorite stars are busting out of their closets for Halloween 2K19. And, as if taking her cue from the universe, L.A.’s Finest and Bring It On star Gabrielle Union-Wade has dressed herself, and her daughter Kaavia, in some very familiar cheerleading gear for their costumes this year. Take a look at the result for yourself, below:

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Gabrielle and Kavvia showed their Clovers spirit in matching Bring It On inspired costumes, with Union-Wade captioning photo with the very special message, “Brought it.” While Mom stands in a glamorously defiant pose, her little one does probably the harder job of the two parties: standing up on her own two little feet. In either case, these two came to play, and they crushed it.

It certainly feels like Gabrielle Union-Wade and her daughter may have been inspired by the fact that 2020 will mark the 20th anniversary of Bring It On’s theatrical release. That fact has certainly been on the minds of the public, and even her co-star Kirsten Dunst, as she was previously asked about the chances of a legacyquel continuing the adventures of Dunst and Union-Wade’s warring cheerleaders.

Naturally, this Instagram photo of Gabrielle Union-Wade and her daughter is not only a really cool throwback to her days as one of the formidable Clovers cheer squad, but it’s also something that’s undoubtedly going to have fans keeping hope alive for a new sequel that cashes in on this still very bankable franchise. A movie doesn’t wind up getting scenes recreated in an Ariana Grande music video for no good reason, you know.

At this moment, it’s not clear if Bring It On is something that Universal is considering past its potential inclusion in the Peacock streaming library. So, really, all we’ve got here is an adorable photo of a celebrity mother and her little cheer captain. Which, at this time of year, is a wonderful marker of the magic that is Halloween.

But, if the winds shift the right way, and we see the potential next generation of Clovers and Toros become a new project worth following, let’s hope that it doesn’t entail the sorts of shenanigans that got members of the original cast arrested during their time filming director Peyton Reed’s cult classic. Or, should some sort of playful trouble arise, maybe it’ll be unique enough that it’ll spawn its own fun stories for the next generation to learn about.

While that Bring It On sequel isn’t happening anytime soon, there’s still a lot to enjoy at the movies in the next year. Head over to our 2020 release schedule to see what’s cheering its way into theaters in the not too distant future!

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