Colin Jost Showed Off His Wedding Ring On SNL After Marrying Scarlett Johansson, And The Internet Has Thoughts

2020 has caused many people to press pause on a number of major events in their lives, including weddings. However, some have been able to push through, as celebrities like John Cena and Debby Ryan managed to have their respective special days in spite of the circumstances that are currently affecting most of the world. One of the engagements that many had been watching is that of Scarlett Johansson and Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost. Well, it was recently reported that the two finally tied the knot, and Jost confirmed this with his wedding band on this week’s SNL. And as you would expect, the internet took notice.

During this week’s Weekend Update segment, the SNL host flaunted his new jewelry while delivering some jokes. You can check out the fresh piece of jewelry for yourself in the clip down below:

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Colin Jost seemed happy to be wearing his gold wedding ring, and you have to love the fact that his co-host and friend, Michael Che, was able to throw in a joke about his recent nuptials. The Saturday Night Live fans had a joke or two about it, as one viewer was hilariously trying to gain strength from the ring:

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As mesmerizing as the ring is, it’s not too surprising that some would be looking for a way to channel any potential energy from it. That same social media user also commemorated the occasion with a tribute of sorts to Jost:

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While most seemed happy for Jost, others seemed to have more mixed feelings about the fact that he’s now off the market. One viewer managed to sum up her response with a few emojis:

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Some did appear hurt that Colin Jost is now a married man, but that didn’t stop others from just expressing their sheer joy at seeing him happy:

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Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost first began dating back in 2017 before getting engaged in the spring of 2019. Earlier this year, it was reported that the two had decided to postpone their engagement due to the ongoing global health crisis. Johansson explained that their reason for doing so was to protect at-risk family members.

Still, leading up to the big day, Jost and Che still joked about how things would play out. Che said that he actually wanted to make a bit of a scene at the wedding, while Jost even asked Che to object at the ceremony.

As tricky as the road to the altar was, it’s nice to see that Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost were ultimately able to have their special day. The couple hasn’t spoken too publicly about the marriage aside from this recent bit on Saturday Night Live, but it would definitely appear that the two are happy.

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