Former Disney Star Debby Ryan Secretly Got Married In A Fairytale Dress

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Former Jessie and Descendants star Debby Ryan may be all grown up and getting married, but it’s nice to see she’s sticking to her Disney roots. That is, the actress “secretly” got married and this week we finally got to take a look at her princess dress, one that is straight out of a fairytale from her wedding to her co-pilot, that is Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun.

The two were actually married quite a while ago and revealed to Vogue that after being engaged for a year, they quickly decided to tie the knot on New Year’s Eve. They had just 28 days to plan the wedding after deciding last December, making Debby Ryan’s beautiful dress and venue all-the-more impressive. You can take a look at Ryan and Josh Dun below. (His velvet suit’s not too shabby, either, particularly given the only other fashion moment I remember from Dun is accepting a Grammy in his underwear.)

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Honestly, fans have been on to the nuptials for a while. After all, the couple had been engaged for about a year by the time the secret wedding happened. Then, the music video for “Level of Concern” dropped back in April and eagle-eyed fans caught Josh Dun in the video wearing a ring on the correct finger. It didn’t take much for people to put two and two together.

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After news of the secret wedding broke, Debby Ryan also shared her own behind-the-scenes look at the after celebration of the nuptials, which gives us another awesome look at her fairytale dress.

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The two went church hunting in Austin before finding the perfect venue with the stained glass windows you can see from the first image from their nuptials. They also chose Hotel Van Zandt in Austin for their wedding guests. Josh Dun wore a Paul Smith suit and Nikes and Debby Ryan chose that gorgeous Elie Saab dress.

The night ended with more fun and games, as Ryan recalled:

When the DJ had to stop and the hotel needed their space back, a lot of folks were still in full swing. Finally, everyone dispersed into their hotel rooms or walked to spots on Rainey Street, but a ragtag handful ended up in our room, where we mostly played games and exchanged gratitude.

If you needed further evidence Debby Ryan likes to play the princess, you can also catch her in Netflix’s Insatiable, which was sadly cancelled after two seasons, but can still be binged in all its glory. In it, Debby Ryan plays Patty, a bullied overweight woman who goes on a path to becoming a beauty queen.

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Meanwhile our thoughts go to the happy couple. Like the rest of us, they are living in a world full of isolation right now, but it’s nice they were able to pull off the wedding of their dreams before things changed.

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