Below Deck Star Explains All Those Condoms In The Season 8 Premiere

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Below Deck Season 8 premiere "There's No Place Like Home." Read at your own risk!

Below Deck launched for another charter season at Bravo, and it didn't take long for things to spiral out of control. Despite a few key setbacks early on, Captain Lee set off with his crew, who should be prepared for anything charters will throw at them this coming season.

And yes, they really do mean anything. Viewers may be shocked at the astonishing box of different types and sizes of condoms the ship took on board for the season and, while it was slightly surprising for Chief Stew Francesca Rubi to see that many, she recently told Decider that it's just part of working on a yacht:

You need to have everything. You need to have cheese from France, you need to have fish from Canada, you need to have condoms in every single size. You actually need to stock every single thing possible. It’s crazy. We didn’t need that many. I mean, come on — that was a bit much.

It was a staggering number of contraceptives but, when you're offering seven-star service like the Below Deck crew, the last thing you want to be is unprepared. Of course, I'm not sure having condoms in excess will necessarily help the crew with some of the early problems they've encountered so far. Francesca Rubi knew some of those struggles all too well, having to fill the shoes of the ships former Chief Stew, Kate Chastain.

Rubi likely has a lot of issues she needed to deal with in Season 8, but she's no spring chicken when it comes to the job. She has the answers to questions Captain Lee and others may have, including what to do with all those condoms and when to have them on standby:

We have a guest toiletries cupboard where we have all the restocking items. I kept them in that because you don’t want to preempt or anticipate that that’s already going to happen. You think people would bring their own, normally. You think, right? But if they didn’t, then they’d probably ask me discreetly and I could get them for them, no problem. No questions asked, and no judgments. Because it’s their charter. But no, they’re not sprayed across all of the nightstands. ‘Welcome to the party!'

Hey, always good to keep it classy, even if the paying charters don't. This new crew should have their work cut out for them in Season 8, especially when they're already down a crewmember for the season. Hopefully, they can band together, but not before a few blow-ups to keep the Below Deck fans at home entertained.

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