Supernatural’s Misha Collins Talks The ‘Tragic’ Episode Following The Harrowing Cliffhanger

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Spoilers for Supernatural Season 15, Episode 17 (“Unity”) are discussed below. Proceed at your own peril!

Supernatural is coming down to the wire, and fans are feeling the tension. In Episode 17, the drama laid down another twist. Chuck left a horrified Dean and Sam to watch Jack die, and Misha Collins teases that the episode that directly follows the harrowing cliffhanger will be “tragic.” Is someone really about to get killed off of Supernatural’s final season? Here is what Collins had to say on this week’s installment.

First, it is important to put some things in context. Supernatural is heading towards the end, but this week's Episode 18 is not the penultimate episode. As of Episode 17, there are still three episodes left of the long-running drama’s final season. Regardless, this will be a huge episode, as Misha Collins told EW:

We pick up right [where we left off]. This is almost like a two-part episode — 17 and 18 really flow into one another… In 18, we do get Cas' chapter. [In episode] 17, it feels like Cas is there, but he's not central. [In episode] 18, he becomes much more central.

If you thought that Episode 17 lacked a strong dose of Cas, expect 18 to set that straight. Supernatural will see Cas more front and center, according to Misha Collins, and that is not all. Cas will finally get his “chapter,” told as Jack’s life hangs in the balance, which begs the question. Will this be the end of the road for Cas, Jack, or neither?

Misha Collins hints that the next episode (aptly titled “Despair”) will be “tragic,” which I take to mean that something sad will happen. The groundwork has been set for something along those lines. Dean, Sam, Cas, and Jack all surviving does not necessarily qualify an episode as tragic, so it seems likely that something stormy is on the horizon. Whatever happens, the drama is coming. Teasing the gravity of Episode 18, Collins said:

It's monumental, it's tragic, it's — I think — pivotal. It's a sad episode.

Well, that does not sound good. Supernatural fans have been advised to re-watch the show’s early seasons in anticipation of the final episodes. Do they hold the key to how the Winchesters and Cas will be able to get Jack out of his deadly jam? Stay tuned. Answers are coming in the form of Episode 18, and they seem dark.

I am guessing that someone will have to deal with death in an up-close-and-personal manner before Supernatural ends. Jack is on death’s door, and it seems reasonable to expect that someone else will die. Sam and Dean are not on the top of my suspect list, considering they are the stars of the show. If one of them were to get killed off, I would expect that in the slightly-altered series finale.

Find out how the “tragic” next episode plays out on this fall’s schedule. Episode 18 airs this Thursday, November 5, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The series finale airs next month on November 19. You can also watch Misha Collins’ past adventures as Cas alongside Dean and Sam during earlier seasons of Supernatural on Netflix alongside plenty of new 2020 content.

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