Does Station 19's Latest Episode Give Hope To Dean And Vic?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Station 19 episode "Wild World." Read at your own risk!

It didn't take long for the nation to get tiger crazy once America went into lockdown, but maybe not quite on the level Station 19 took things in a recent episode. The crew was tasked with taking on a big cat that attacked and escaped its owner's house, which created a fair amount of dialogue on the responsibility of big cat ownership. This tiger also ended up being a catalyst to bringing Dean and Vic back together again, but should fans have hope about this reconciling?

To recap, the episode opened with Dean and Vic going back and forth about him "kicking her out" of his place, and whether or not it was fair. Vic was wounded she was tossed out of the house after getting so close to his daughter and had forged quite a bond with him. Dean was remorseful, but as viewers learned last week, obviously worried about extending the invitation to bring her back in as revealing his true feelings for her could ruin their friendship.

This back and forth carried on the entire episode, only to turn around when Lorelei, the tiger who escaped at the beginning of the episode, somehow entered the barn of the firehouse. Dean yelled out to the crew not to enter the barn, which only sent Vic on a rampage to try and confront Dean about his yelling. Unfortunately, she walked right into the barn and was frozen in fear by the tiger mere feet from her.

Dean managed to throw some raw meat from the upper deck down to the floor between the two firetrucks, which gave Vic the time she needed to slip back into safety. Dean rushed down to meet her, and the two locked in an embrace that had to give any Station 19 shippers an immense sigh of relief. Vic was thankful enough to completely forget about the fight they had earlier, the six feet of distance she was supposed to keep with Dean, and the fact that he almost certainly didn't wash his hands in the seconds after throwing all the raw meat.

It certainly seemed to be enough to get the two back to where they were prior to the big falling out, but does that mean Dean and Vic are finally going to happen as a couple? I felt like Dean had an opening to make his feelings known at that moment, but he let it pass so I'm not so certain we'll see it happening in the next episode. With that said, it certainly feels like it could happen before the season is up, so keep those fingers crossed!

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