Why Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Actually Rooting For Meredith To Code After Latest McDreamy Episode

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Grey's Anatomy episode "My Happy Ending." Read at your own risk!

Meredith Grey is in a fight for her life against COVID-19, and it seems like that's not exactly a bad thing in the eyes of many Grey's Anatomy fans. A lot of people are actively hoping the main character goes into code in the next couple of episodes, and as twisted as it sounds, they have a good reason.

As many are well aware, the very dead Derek Shepherd made an out-of-the-blue appearance in the Season 17 premiere. He appeared once again in the latest episode, but as fans quickly learned, only when Meredith's COVID-19 worsened. After a few very short scenes where Meredith went in and out of consciousness, fans knew what needed to happen to get some real screentime with McDreamy.

Yep, there is a community of Grey's Anatomy fans actively rooting for Meredith to code or at the very least go into a coma so they can get more beach scenes with Derek Shepherd. It's a gesture that can be viewed as either a huge compliment to Patrick Dempsey or a real smack in the face to Ellen Pompeo.

Truth be told it's far less malicious than it seems because honestly, does anyone really think Grey's Anatomy is going to kill off Meredith Grey like this? That would be a pretty shocking exit, but at the moment, I think many fans are more or less wanting to enjoy this ride until her recovery.

If there is one downside to the brief Derek Shepherd scenes, it's that Meredith has not been able to hug or touch him this entire time. Every time she moves towards him on the beach, he moves further away. According to Derek, it's because she's still tethered to her kids, but also because "the sand isn't real." Turns out that last statement was just a great prank from beyond the grave, which is why Grey's Anatomy fans are loving these scenes so much.

The good news for Grey's Anatomy fans with twisted minds is that it does seem that Meredith Grey will get worse before she gets better. She even declined to be put on a ventilator if need be (as to not take one from patients), so she could be out for a while if things do get really bad for her in the coming episodes. Obviously, fans want her to pull through, but with the possibility of more dead people appearing on that beach, I get the temptation to hope this situation goes south just a bit for the lead character, though the wait may be too much for some.

Twitter can be such a cruel place, but also hilarious. Of course, it's only funny because Meredith is a fictional character, and the reality is most fans would be devastated if the mother of three had an unexpected exit midway through this season. The chances of that happening are so slim it's not even worth considering, in my mind, but it's not like McDreamy's just gonna return every season.

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