How The Mandalorian Referenced Han And Greedo's Classic 'Who Shot First?" Scene From A New Hope

han solo greedo scene

One of the most talked-about moments in Star Wars lore, which comes in the very first hour of Episode IV: A New Hope, centers on Harrison Ford's Han Solo having one final conversation with the bounty hunter Greedo in the Mos Eisley Cantina. You know, before all the shooting started from one particular place or another. In any case, Disney+'s The Mandalorian featured an awesome homage to that particular scene in a recent Season 2 episode, but fans probably missed it if they turned the episode off without watching the credits.

In The Mandalorian Chapter 10, which is titled "The Passenger" but is less formerly known as "The One Where Baby Yoda Ate Frog Lady's Unfertilized Eggs," Mando was still on Tatooine following his krayt dragon battle alongside Cobb Vanth, so he headed to Mos Eisley's iconic Chalmun's Cantina to talk to Amy Sedaris' Peli Motto. The booth that Peli was sitting in looked mi-i-i-i-ighty familiar as she played a game of sabacc with the perfectly named Dr. Mandible, and Star Wars fans' senses definitely perked up during that scene.

While that moment certainly felt like an echo to the Han and Greedo scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, the more definitive reference came during The Mandalorian's always-enjoyable end credits sequence, which showcases concept art throughout. The fourth image, which coincides with Amy Sedaris' credit, is a re-envisioned shot from Peli Motto and Dr. Mandible's card game. And not only does Peli have her boots up on the table, Han Solo-style, the wall behind her features a pretty distinct marking on it. Check out the shot below.

the mandalorian credits chapter 10 han and greedo cantina

For those who didn't pick up on it yet, the spot on the wall that's up and to her left looks pretty much like what one would expect to see if someone shot it with a blaster while trying to shoot a certain smug smuggler. Namely, it can be assumed by this burn mark that this particular spot on the wall was Greedo's last victim, all things considered.

Now, that doesn't mean The Mandalorian is posing that the Cantina's employees haven't cleaned and repaired the building's walls in years. The mark only shows up in the concept art in the credits, and not during the earlier live-action scene with Mando and Peli, so it's just a fun bit of art for fans to geek out over.

the mandalorian peli and mando in cantina

It feels pretty timely that The Mandalorian referenced the "Who Shot First?" scene almost exactly a year after the world first witnessed the latest change-up to Han and Greedo's confrontation, which incorporated a confusing new line of dialogue and not much else. Now, if George Lucas wanted to go back and digitally insert Amy Sedaris' Peli Motto into the background of the Cantina in A New Hope, I would probably be into that with only a minimal number of regrets.

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