The Amazing Race Season 32 Finally Revealed The Winning Team With An Unexpected Twist


Major spoilers ahead for the Season 32 finale of The Amazing Race on CBS.

The Amazing Race returned from an especially long hiatus this fall to deliver Season 32, and the competition this time around hasn't always been a hit with longtime viewers. That said, the show took the three remaining teams to New Orleans for the finale, and double congratulations are in order for the winning team. Not only will they take the $1 million prize, but their future is looking bright on another front as well!

Will Jardell and James Wallington, known throughout the wild ride of The Amazing Race Season 32 as "the boyfriends," came out on top, and racing into the Superdome in New Orleans before the other two teams was a dream come true for James, who has been wanting to compete on the show since he was a kid. The boyfriends winning wasn't altogether shocking, but the unexpected twist came courtesy of Will dropping to one knee and proposing, complete with a ring! James of course said yes to the proposal, and the boyfriends can be known from now on as "the fiancés."

The surprise engagement came after the team had to accumulate a bunch of bead necklaces during a Mardis Gras parade on Bourbon Street, join a band to travel to a bakery, destroy a bunch of king cakes to try and find the baby figurine baked inside, scarf down half a dozen beignets each (which sounds pretty good, as far as Amazing Race challenges go), swing from a bridge over the mighty Mississippi River to grab a clue, roll a giant ball to Mardis Gras World, prepare it for a float, and then charge into the Superdome.

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Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest problem the then-boyfriends faced in racing toward the finish came with the beignet stage of the challenges. James was doing okay with his share of the fried treats, but Will was physically unable to get all of his down for quite a while. Fortunately for them, beard bros Riley and Maddison McKibbin were well behind after getting lost in the Big Easy almost right away.

As for the married parents, Hung Nguyen and Chee Lee ran into a problem with the king cakes when Chee missed the baby figurine on his first sweep, while Hung could see it from afar but wasn't able to help him. Will struggling with the beignets didn't ruin the boyfriends' fight for $1 million (and the engagement). I'm going to assume that they won't be serving beignets at the wedding! I do feel bad for Hung and Chee, though. It probably won't feel great if they watch the finale and see when they missed their shot for first.

The Amazing Race will return for CBS for Season 33 at some point. Production on Season 33 was suspended back in March when the entertainment industry was beginning to shut down, and there is no saying at this point when it will be able to return. For now, check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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