Jeopardy Fans Are Loving There's A Multi-Episode Champion For Alex Trebek's Final Episodes

Jeopardy! is nearing the end of its run of episodes featuring former host Alex Trebek, and it's looking like the host got to end his run with one more major champion. Brayden Smith is in the midst of a solid run on the series and, while it remains to be seen just how long his streak will last, fans are loving the fact that he's a part of these special episodes all the same.

It seems every Jeopardy! champion with a solid run gains a reputation for something and, for Brayden Smith, it seems to be his "Daily Double" faces. Smith has a tendency of making a unique face when he gets the question right, something that has helped his appeal with some fans of the program:

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While it may not have been known to Alex Trebek at the time, Brayden Smith is one of the final Jeopardy! champions of the host's run on the show. Smith was still a champion as of Friday, December 17, though it is presently unknown whether or not his streak will extend to Trebek's final episodes. Though these episodes were filmed well in advance of the holiday season, fans like to think Smith's run was something special for Trebek:

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Alex Trebek was certainly a fan of talented Jeopardy! contestants, but it remains to be seen in the eyes of some fans whether Brayden Smith stands with the Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer's of the world. While Smith's penchant for finding Daily Double's has been impressive, there are still many who think he hasn't shown enough to prove he's worthy of consideration:

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It does seem a little early in a champions' run to discuss their dominance too early, though perhaps Jeopardy! fans underestimate the talent it takes to go on a multi-game win streak. Fans certainly seemed to notice some pride on the face of Alex Trebek, who told Brayden Smith not to apologize after one of his wins:

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Brayden Smith will pick up where he left off in Alex Trebek's final week of Jeopardy! and, if he's still around for that final episode, his run will continue when Ken Jennings steps in as the interim host for the game show. Jennings will be the first in what will be a string of guest-hosts for the show until the game show is able to reach a consensus on who will be the next to take over the show on a more permanent basis. Fans have had their thoughts on various celebrities and figureheads capable of taking on the job and, perhaps unsurprisingly, there are even people pitching Smith as an option:

Petition: Brayden Smith 4 @Jeopardy host.

The 24-year-old champion likely won't be the next host for Jeopardy!, but the fact that his name was even suggested may show just how in the woods everyone is in terms of guessing who will fill Alex Trebek's shoes on the show. Ultimately, it's a question that can be put on hold during Trebek's final week hosting on television, and fans can set it aside to enjoy these final episodes.

Jeopardy! airs weekdays, and readers can check their local listings for the time and network in their region. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest happening in the series, and for more news in television and movies.

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