Wait, Does Adam Sandler Direct The Price Is Right?

Spoilers ahead for The Price Is Right At Night on December 22.

If you've been watching The Price Is Right and the most recent edition of The Price Is Right At Night, you may have noticed an interesting name in the show's end credits. It certainly was a surprise to me watching the contestants celebrate as the end credits rolled listing the producers of the show and the name of a well-known comedian scrolled across the screen. Adam Sandler is listed as an executive producer and director of the series, but is he the same actor, comedian, and occasionally dramatic actor we all know and love?

While it is true that comedian Adam Sandler does have a history with former The Price Is Right host Bob Barker, that's not actually him in those credits. It's actually a completely different Adam Sandler, who has been directing episodes of the beloved CBS series since 2012. Yes, he's been around for quite a while, and people throughout the years have popped on the internet to ask if the Price Is Right Adam Sandler is also movie star Adam Sandler.

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The actor Adam Sandler has a connection with the show thanks to Bob Barker's famous cameo in Happy Gilmore. The part people may not know is that Adam Sandler (again, the actor) appeared on The Price Is Right in real life back in 1996 to promote the movie's release. As far as what Sandler did on the program, he helped host a showcase but unfortunately didn't get to play.

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To take things even further, Adam Sandler played a woman in the movie Jack and Jill who played The Price Is Right when Drew Carey was the host. Carey, of course, played himself and stood by helplessly as Sandler's character knocked herself out while spinning the big wheel. It's unclear whether or not Adam Sandler (the game show director) directed that specific part of the movie, but that would be super meta if so.

Just to put a little shine on The Price Is Right's Adam Sandler, it's worth mentioning that he's been with the game show for a long time before getting a director and executive producer credit. Sandler's earliest listed credit on his IMDB is for an episode back in 1995, in which he was credited as a stage manager. That said, his credits aren't too consistent until the 2010s, but his time on the show predates actor Adam Sandler's appearance in 1996. Is it possible these two have met? I wasn't able to find any answers on the internet, but I can say I'm dying to find out.

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