As The Ellen DeGeneres Show Slips, It Looks Like Kelly Clarkson Is Taking Over

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To say that 2020 has been a weird year would be criminally understating things. Even though television had a clear advantage over feature films, given the lack of theatrical releases over the past nine months, ratings are down almost entirely across the board. However, freshman effort The Kelly Clarkson Show is one of the few diamonds in the rough, with the multi-hyphenate entertainer winning over viewers with her silly sense of humor, her musical performances, and her sometimes candid interviews. In fact, it looks like Clarkson could very well surpass the embattled Ellen DeGeneres Show going into 2021.

The daytime ratings were recently revealed for the week ending December 13, and according to TVNewsCheck, The Kelly Clarkson Show actually hit a season high with its key demo rating. The talk show earned a 1.1 Live + Same Day rating through Nielsen's tracking, and that marked an impressive 10% jump from the previous week. And as awesome as those numbers are in a vacuum, The Kelly Clarkson Show managed another big feat by matching its numbers with those of The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the very first time.

That's huge for Kelly Clarkson as a first-year host, and another sign of Ellen DeGeneres' shrinking hold on her fanbase, which was splintered over the summer when a variety of allegations spread about DeGeneres' behavior with guests and crew members. (Not to mention the behind-the-scenes behavior accusations made against several of the show's now-former producers, who were fired in the midst of the network's investigation.) That show's ratings dropped as soon as the latest season began, and things only got more complicated recently when it was revealed that DeGeneres contracted COVID-19.

More specifically, The Ellen DeGeneres Show's numbers dipped a full 8% for it to hit its 1.1 rating. The show's trajectory could obviously take some different turns in 2021 and beyond, but for now, it's looking like The Kelly Clarkson Show could start getting comfortable as a Top 3 contender.

Both series came in third place for syndicated talk shows, with Live with Kelly and Ryan and Dr. Phil also facing a stats tie, with both shows earning a 1.9 rating. So even Kelly Clarkson still has her work cut out for her if she wants to eventually hit the #1 spot. But if there's anyone who looks ready to take on such a challenge, and with a big beaming smile no doubt, it's Clarkson.

Not that Kelly Clarkson is the only daytime host who has something to celebrate, as Tamron Hall's eponymous series was the only other talk show that hit positive numbers for that week. Tamron Hall's stats rose 13% for a 0.9 L +SD rating, which matched its best total of its second season.

While waiting to hear more from this heated ratings race, be sure to watch either or both The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show every day in syndication. Check your local listings to see when and where both shows are airing in your area. Bookmark our Winter and Spring 2021 TV premiere schedule to see all the biggest shows set to debut when the new year arrives.

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