Netflix's Umbrella Academy Season 3 Has Cast The Sparrow Academy And Revealed New Details

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Netflix's Umbrella Academy Season 2 ended on a magnificent head-scratcher, as the Hargreeves family returned to the present to learn that their respective actions back to the 1960s had completely altered the timeline. The finale's final moments introduced the mysterious Sparrow Academy, as headed up by Justin H. Min's Ben, who totes didn't die in this version of events. Fans have had major questions about how the show will follow up on that shocker in Season 3, and Netflix has finally delivered some answers in the form of major casting news and Sparrow Academy character breakdowns.

It's already known that The Umbrella Academy will welcome back all of the series regulars from the first two seasons, including Elliot Page, Aidan Gallagher, Tom Hopper, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castañeda, Robert Sheehan, Ritu Arya, Adam Godley, and Colm Feore. To be expected, Justin H. Min is also returning, but this version of Ben is going to be completely different from the ghostly entity that fans said farewell to in Season 2. Take a peek at the new stars below and keep reading to find out more.

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To match some actor names (and character names) to the faces and cubes above, check out the full cast list below.

Justin Cornwell - Marcus/Sparrow #1Justin H. Min - Ben/Sparrow #2Britne Oldford - Fei/Sparrow #3Jake Epstein - Alphonso/Sparrow #4Genesis Rodriguez - Sloane/Sparrow #5Cazzie David - Jayme/Sparrow #6Existential Dread-Inducing Psykronium Cube - Christopher/Sparrow #7

Let's start off with a few details about this new Ben before discussing the other actors and characters. Justin H. Min's Sparrow Academy iteration will be a "machiavellian tactician," according to Netflix's announcement, and his main goal is to become the leader of the group, in whatever vicious and vigilant way necessary. It sounds like we'll get a bigger hint at the character's inner creature, The Horror, as the character description definitely mentions Ben's "rumbling inner-squid." Yum!

As Marcus, Jingle Jangle's Justin Cornwell will play a Luther-esque character in that he's a big ol' muscular charmer who works hard to keep this timeline-altered family together. He does sound a bit smarter than Luther, though, and he maintains his leadership discipline without ever getting worked up, which is the kind of calmness that will probably work the nerves of the Umbrella Academy members in Season 3.

Hunters' Britne Oldford will also play a pretty genius character, as her Fei is often the smartest person in the room, even if she's often the only person in the room. Fei is something of a hermit, even though she secretly wishes she shared a kinship with someone. But whether she wants it or not, anyone who crosses her path becomes her enemy, and she doesn't seem very focused on forgiving and forgetting.

Suits vet Jake Epstein will likely go through a lot of makeup-chair work as Alphonso, whose body serves as a map of all the fights and battles he's been through. But rather than being jaded by such things, Alphonso rocks a dark sense of humor and is a lover of pizza, beer, and verbally tearing his enemies a new one. He'll probably get along with Klaus like aces.

After years of voicing an animated superhero for the Big Hero 6 franchise, Genesis Rodriquez finally gets to play a superhero in live-action as The Umbrella Academy's Sloane. This character's storyline seems destined for bigger than than Reginald Hargreeves' Academy, as she feels a "higher cosmic calling." However, she is also very hesitant to go against her family in order to live out her big plans, though her big plans may one day become too big to deny.

Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David's daughter Cazzie David, a writer and actress in her own right, will take on the role of the quick-thinking Jayme, another loner within the Sparrows. She's friendly only with Alphonso, in part because she boasts a snarl that sends fear into the hearts of those she feels deserve to hear it, and it's often the last thing they hear.

And finally, we have Christopher, a "telekinetic cube of unknown origin" that's played by...a telekinetic cube, naturally. (A big high-five to Netflix and showrunner Steve Blackman for playing up this casting in such a joyfully surreal way.) To be expected, perhaps, Christopher has many different roles within the group, serving as a consult, an advisor, a mediator, and whatever the word is for a thing that can paralyze someone with fear. While he is a loyal member of the Sparrow Academy, Christopher does not take kindly to those who mess with his siblings.

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot WAIT to see what all of these new characters bring to the narrative table for Season 3, which looks like it'll center on a storyline that won't necessarily involve avoiding global annihilation. At least until they bring up the part about global annihilation. And my money is on Christopher being responsible.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is set to start filming in Toronto in February, so here's hoping nothing stops that from happening, such as more time travel shenanigans. (Also hoping to see more from Mom and Pogo, because why not?) While waiting to hear more, head to our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way soon.

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