Pete Davidson Broke Up With Larry David's Daughter And Larry's Response Was So On Brand

Larry David and Pete Davidson may be connected by Saturday Night Live at this point, but for a long time, the famous Curb Your Enthusiasm star and Davidson were connected in another way: He dated Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David. Now, the budding Hollywood name is telling the amazing story about the time her dad snapped her out of her post-breakup blues in only a way that Larry David possibly could.

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David had dated for 2 ½ (often intense) years when she ultimately broke up with the King of Staten Island star. As someone with anxiety, she says she immediately regretted her decision and reached back out, only to find that it was too late. Davidson had quickly moved on to a much higher-profile romance with Ariana Grande. This led to lots of hurt feelings and emotionality from Cazzie.

In fact, Cazzie David admitted in an interview with the LA Times that she when she flew to her sister’s graduation after the break-up she literally “shook uncontrollably” in her famous dad’s arms. The crying and exhaustive sleep continued until her famous dad Larry David finally snapped her out of it with a comment that is pretty on-brand for the longtime comedian, who told her to cut it out, noting,


It likely didn’t help that Pete Davidson’s dating life, engagement and subsequent break-up with Ariana Grande were all over the internet over the next few months, both due to their respective fanbases and the quickness in which they jumped into the deep end and got engaged. After the break-up, Pete Davidson even addressed what happened on SNL, assumedly to help calm down the gossip. His relationship with Cazzie was decidedly lower profile, but it lasted longer. It just took Larry David's unique point of view to help Cazzie snap out of it.

This is only one of the stories about Larry and Cazzie David’s unconventional relationship that will appear in Cazzie David’s new book, No One Asked For This. She also touches on her relationship with Hollywood and being the child of a well-known and respected actor in comedy. She’s not the first celebrity kid to deal with the trappings of having a famous parent and she won’t be the last.

Still, alls well that ends in Larry David being Larry David, if I do say so myself. As for the former lovebirds, Cazzie David noted she eventually made up with Pete Davidson (and still has a great relationship with her dad, who also noted in the interview that they are basically “in a contest as to who is crazier.”) As for Davidson, he’s now cycled through a slew of famous names in his dating history, including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and also reportedly Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actress Margaret Qualley and model Kaia Gerber. But he and Cazzie David are now friends. She showed him the essay about their break-up in her new book and there's even a dedication to Pete Davidson in it.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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