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Watch The Bachelor's Matt James And Tyler Cameron Go All 40-Year-Old Virgin During Brazilian Wax

matt james tyler cameron interview 2020

Never let it be said that Matt James went through his whole experience as the lead of The Bachelor and didn't come out with some lessons learned. While it's true that Bachelor Nation is only two episodes deep into his stint on Season 25, Matt's been done filming for quite some time. He's probably already been able to look back on the season and figure out what was important, but his good friend, Tyler Cameron, has decided to help out by having them go all 40-Year-Old-Virgin and get Brazilian waxes.

OK, I know what you're probably asking yourselves: How, in the world, does suffering through a painful Brazilian wax help Matt James reflect on his time as The Bachelor? I'm so glad you asked! See, The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron thought it would be helpful for his friend to know what (possibly) all of the women who vied for his love this season went through when getting prepared for the show. So, Tyler took Matt and a couple of their friends to a spa, where they filmed themselves getting several treatments, including Brazilian waxes. Take a look at the video Tyler posted on YouTube!

OK. You can't blame them for giving it a shot, I suppose. Hopefully they at least took some aspirin or something beforehand, because going in totally unmedicated seems like a bad idea. Even if Matt, Tyler and their friends did take advantage of the modern marvels of pain medicine, it's pretty clear that it still hurt a lot, so kudos to them for their commitment to following through, and dedication to making sure we got to see all of their delightful screams and funny faces.

Luckily, Matt, Tyler and their porn 'stache's were shown first in the roughly 10 minute clip, so that if we couldn't take any more of the sight of good looking men releasing their inner demons as a stranger rips the hairs from their nethers, well, we could just move along quickly.

While all of the man-screaming and twisted faces will surely do a lot to entertain, one of my favorite parts of the video is being able to hear the instructions from the woman / women handling the work on said nether regions. That dialogue is at turns either wonderfully blasé and matter of fact ("You want me to clean up around here, or what? What's going on?") to outright annoyance ("I need you to take a deep breath, and I need you to relax, because otherwise this isn't going to work out for you."), and it's just a joy to hear all around.

Even though we're only two episodes into Matt's season of The Bachelor, we've already seen what some of the women have had to go through to try and get his attention. The arrivals on night one alone included a woman who showed up in a pizza delivery vehicle, one woman who drove a classic truck in instead of taking the limo, a particularly creative woman who showed up in her lingerie and let Matt choose her dress, and a funny lady who brandished a vibrator for the entire night. I can only imagine that someone would have really caught Matt's eye if she'd had her Brazilian wax done in front of him.

Matt seems like he's truly taking the time to get to know the ladies on his season, so I'm sure his time on the waxing table will help him understand what his potential fiancées went through even more. We can see how Matt continues to handle his journey when The Bachelor airs every Monday on ABC, at 8 p.m. EST.

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