The Bachelor Fans Can't Believe One Contestant Is Real After Whirlwind Episode

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Bachelor episode "2502". Read at your own risk!

The Bachelor has only just started its latest season on ABC, and there's already some drama amongst the women vying for Matt James' heart. The latest episode could've been a relatively chill installment filled with casual competition and fans getting to know more about the women and how they go about interacting with Matt. But that wouldn't be The Bachelor. So instead of that, one particularly wild female contestant dominated the screen time to the point where some viewers are wondering if she's actually for real. So, what's the deal with Victoria Larson, and why did she cause so much drama in the house?

The edit of tonight's episode certainly didn't help shine a positive light on anything, and there was no shortage of viewers who were outright disgusted by the actions of "Queen Victoria. Victoria Larson immediately kicked off the drama after she wasn't selected to do the sole solo date with Matt. As opposed to unifying with the rest of the ladies in shared disappointment, she proceeded to tell them how she wasn't "fake" like they all were.

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It was certainly a strong statement for someone who literally listed her occupation as "queen" on the show, though there's no denying Victoria felt she should be honored like one. After her original argument with the rest of the women, Victoria Larson again caused tension by injecting herself into someone else's photoshoot, and then more or less demanding her turn to have a wedding photoshoot with Matt James. Victoria seemed proud of how she asserted herself and how the encounter went, but all viewers saw was the kiss she had to ask Matt for. And it didn't exactly make steam come out of people's TVs.

It's clear to both viewers and many of the women in the house that Victoria Larson is a drama starter, and while she might be playing games to stand out, it's unclear whether or not Matt James is aware. In fact, before any of the women got a chance to get some quality face time with Matt one evening, Victoria ground the proceedings to a halt with performative projection. In what was either a diabolical or pretty clever game move, Victoria set out to make herself look like a victim by accusing Marylynn Sienna of doing the things that fans went on to claim that Victoria is doing.

Victoria Larson has a distinct energy on The Bachelor that no other woman in the house seems capable of matching this early on, and the fact that she's the sole source of drama at this point in the show has some fans suspicious. It's truly unbelievable someone would start the season by playing so messy so quickly, which caused some viewers to believe she had to have been planted by producers to spice things up.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Victoria Larson was brought on to stir the pot, but I don't think The Bachelor needs a plant. This may be a case where the show's casting found someone who would be a great villain within the house, more so than they may be an actual match with Matt James. Plus, if it's any consolation, Victoria Larson seems just as miserable about the situation on the show as fans do with tolerating her antics, so it kind of balances out.

Thanks to a fainting spell at the episode's rose ceremony, The Bachelor's second episode didn't even reveal whether or not Victoria Larson got the rose, or if she succeeded in pushing Marylynn Sienna out of the house. With that said, previews for the next episode seemed to show Victoria butting heads with even more hopefuls, so it seems safe to assume she'll hold out a bit longer. This will give viewers more time to see her in action, and perhaps find a way to appreciate her wild antics as the season continues. Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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