The Amusing Tyler Cameron-Oriented Advice The Bachelor's Mike Johnson Gave Matt James

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Remember the summer of 2019? While I'm sure there were tons of things to be happy about back then, one item that had quickly become the focus of Bachelor Nation at the time was who among Hannah Brown's discarded suitors from The Bachelorette would become the next lead of The Bachelor. There were many fans who were behind either Mike Johnson or Tyler Cameron for the role, but both ended up losing out to Peter "Windmill Sex" Weber. Now that we're several months past his season, and the announcement of Matt James as Peter's successor and the first black lead of The Bachelor, Mike has offered Matt some amusing Tyler Cameron-oriented advice.

Mike Johnson and Tyler Cameron both made great strides on Hannah's season, with Tyler getting down to the final two and both gaining a massive following after their impressive showings on The Bachelorette. Matt James has, as many know by now, been great friends with Tyler for many years, and now that he's entering his stint as Bachelor, Mike has some advice for him in this undertaking, some of which hinges on his good buddy. Here's what Mike told Entertainment Tonight:

I was telling him to just simply treat women how your mom told you to be. And have a better body than Tyler [Cameron]. That's all he has to do, so he'll be good.

Well, if this isn't good advice for the next Bachelor, I don't know what is! First of all, we know that Mike can treat a woman right, as he never faltered during his interactions with Hannah (or his fellow castmates) in a season which was beset with strife, in-fighting, and her other suitors saying / doing some seriously not cool things. By all accounts (so far), Matt has the same kind of sensibilities as Mike, so he should have no problem responding to all of the women cast on his season with total respect.

Now, as far as Mike's note to Matt about having a better body than Tyler...We'll all be eagerly awaiting the day when we can see what that looks like, because I'm sure that Matt has the motivation in him to make that a reality (if he hasn't already). Matt and Tyler even run a non-profit together in New York City, which spends part of its focus on encouraging physical wellness in the underserved kids of the area, so I doubt that Matt's any slouch when it comes to having his abs and pecs on point.

I am intrigued by Mike bringing up the idea that he believes Matt will be fine if he treats women the way his mom taught him to, mostly because Matt's mom also came up when he and Tyler did an interview shortly after he was announced as the new Bachelor. When asked what type of woman they were looking for to help his friend find his forever love, Tyler responded with "someone that kind of resembles his mother," and noted how sweet, "loving, caring, compassionate" and ready to help others she's always been. So, it seems like all of us could use a clone of Matt's mom in our lives somehow.

It sounds as though Matt James is getting some solid advice from everyone about his time as our next lead, and when you add that to his already impressive life, I think we're going to get a great season from him. The Bachelor is still set to debut at some point in January 2021, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest!

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