Bachelor Spoilers: Matt James' First Night And Who Might Get His Final Rose

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Warning! Potential spoilers ahead for Matt James' Season 25 of The Bachelor. Please come back once you've gotten all of your roses in order and watched his premiere!

Oooooh, wow! Bachelor Nation, it is finally time for the latest season of The Bachelor to begin, and while we had a much shorter wait than usual to head back to the rose ceremony-loving franchise (Congrats, Tayshia and Zac!), Season 25 with our first black Bachelor, Matt James, already promises to be one filled with drama, tears, laughs, and, hopefully, a lot of lovin'. And, we've already got some potential spoilers on both how Matt's first night will go, and who might get his final rose at the end of his journey.

Things will get off to a big start tonight, and we will see Matt become taken with one of the women enough to hand out his first impression rose. Luckily, Reality Steve thinks that the lady who manages to impress Matt the most on night one will also end up being a true fan favorite, as Abigail Heringer is said to be the one who nabs a rose before anyone else. Looking at Abigail's bio tells us that she has a hearing impairment, so it sounds as though she'll be able to serve as a good role model while not having her entire story be about that one aspect of her life.

Now, Matt has a lot of ladies to choose from, with him starting Season 25 with 32 women. As we know, a huge part of most episodes involves the lead eliminating potential mates as they begin to get to know everyone, and it would seem that Matt got right down to business on the first night, because he's going to send eight women home during his very first rose ceremony.

Steve has warned that spoilers are unlikely to be either plentiful or extremely detailed this season (mostly because of the filming bubble used at the Pennsylvania resort where production took place), so he doesn't know who, exactly, will be sent home during the premiere. But, he does have a list of ladies who have been said to make little or no lasting impact on Matt and Season 25, and the eight who are sent packing tonight will probably be among those listed here:

Alana MilneAlicia HollowayAmber AndrewsCarolyn VallejoCorrine JonesEmani CurlIlleana PennettoKhayla EppsKimberly CourneyaKristin HopkinsSaneh Ste. ClareSydney Johnson

Well, I'm already sad because I had high hopes that we'd see a lot of some of these ladies, but we will just have to wait and see how things turn out to know if they all really are doomed when it comes to trying to find love with Matt. While Steve believe all of the women listed above will be gone by the third rose ceremony, that still leaves a lot of potentials for Matt to date. If you're already wondering who may have ultimately won Matt's heart on Season 25, though, look no further.

Let's start with the potential Final Four. Apparently, because of the issues with light spoiler details, Reality Steve believes he has solid intel on three of Matt's Final Four, and they are Michelle Young, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Serena Pitt. By the way, if you're having trouble finding info on Michelle, it's because she enters the fray with a second group of only five incoming women after Matt's second rose ceremony. He also noted that these three absolutely get hometown dates, and while he's heard rumblings on who the fourth woman is, he can't confirm that just yet. But, he's been told that Bri Springs is the said fourth hometown date winner.

So, which of these ladies will end up with a Neil Lane sparkler on her hand? Here's where things get even trickier than usual. Reality Steve has been told that Michelle and Rachael will land in the Final Two positions, with Rachael's hometown buzzing about the supposed fact that she walks away with Matt's heart in the finale. The issue is that Steve heard the same with regards to Madi Prewett for Peter Weber's season, and we know what a mess that turned out to have really been. This might be a case where it's an incorrect rumor that's gotten out of control, but, so far, other signs are pointing toward Rachael as the winner.

Again, there are a lot of details which are up in the air still, so we'll all just have to do what we were going to do anyway and tune in to The Bachelor every Monday night at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, to see how Matt's journey to find forever love turns out!

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