Check Out MCU Star Anthony Mackie Showing Off His Love For Star Wars' Boba Fett

Anthony Mackie Under The Wire

Boba Fett might only have a small role in the original Star Wars trilogy, but the love for him in the fan community is massive. He's widely viewed as one of the coolest looking characters in the fictional sci-fi universe, and appreciation has only skyrocketed thanks to his role on the second season of The Mandalorian. Some people get really passionate when talking about the beloved intergalactic bounty hunter, and it turns out that one such individual is Anthony Mackie – who possesses some crazy cool collectables illustrating his appreciation.

The actor best known for playing Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night promoting his new Netflix movie Outside The Wire, and it was during a segment called Late Late Show & Tell that Anthony Mackie showed off some of his exclusive Boba Fett collection. As you'll see in the video below, he owns not only a replica signed by the original Boba Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch, but also a custom painted motorcycle helmet he commissioned from his make-up artist:

Setting up the reveal, Anthony Mackie first opened up about his love of Boba Fett by outing himself as a lifelong Star Wars fan who has long dreamed of having the opportunity to play the character for as long as he's been an actor. He even apparently put quite a bit of pressure on his manager as The Mandalorian was first coming together, telling James Corden,

True story. I met a guy who I idolized as a kid, and I wanted to be this character my entire career. They recently made a show about him, I told my manager, 'If I'm not cast as that character, I'll never talk to you again. You'll be eating pork and beans in West Hollywood.' I wasn't cast as that character.

As Anthony Mackie noted, he didn't wind up getting the Mandalorian role, but he did wind up getting one hell of a consolation prize. Not only did he get to meet Jeremy Bulloch prior to the Star Wars actor's passing last year, but he also got a specially autographed replica of the original Boba Fett helmet that was delivered in a protective case.

But the Falcon And The Winter Soldier star wasn't done there. Answering a follow-up question from The Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts, Anthony Mackie added that he not only has the autographed version, but also a custom motorcycle helmet that he apparently wears while riding his bike. The actor momentarily stepped away from the interview so that he could go grab it and show it off, and it was definitely worth the break. According to Mackie, he had it made when he was in Cincinnati, Ohio making the movie Point Blank in 2018, and it is beautiful.

It's always fun to see stars express their fanhood's like this, and it would be great to see this revelation turn into something special for Anthony Mackie. Clearly the guy is pretty busy, what with being the new Captain America and all, but given that he is a part of the Disney family, it would be super cool to see him at least get a supporting role in an upcoming Star Wars project. With both The Mandalorian season 3 and The Book Of Boba Fett both in the works in 2021, perhaps it could be something that even happens sooner rather than later.

Eric Eisenberg
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