Disenchantment Part 3 Ending Explained: How Things Wrapped Up For Each Character

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Matt Groening's Disenchantment is rolling along over at Netflix, and while there haven't been many more nods to the world of Futurama, the show has done a lot to expand its lore and worldbuilding. This was really apparent in the Disenchantment Part 3 ending, in which we saw almost all the main characters head off in a separate direction.

So, what happened with each character, and where does this ending put them ahead of Part 4? Let's get into all of that below and look into what we know about the future and where we think characters will gravitate towards in future episodes.

Bean Disenchantment Netflix

Bean Is Made Queen Of Dreamland But Captured By Dagmar

The Disenchantment Part 3 ending shows Bean as the queen of Dreamland, which viewers know is about as dangerous of a position to be in. Bean is facing opposition from within and outside the kingdom, and while she may handle opponents to her power better than her father Zog, she has her faults. Typically Bean is at her best when she has Elfo and Luci at her side, so it isn't great that Part 3 of the Netflix series ends with both away from her.

Let's not forget either that Bean has to still deal with Steamland and the proposition by Alva Gunderson that the two kingdoms united in their marriage. Bean is not into the idea and would much rather have a thing with Mora of the mermaids, but still isn't entirely sure whether their short romance was real. Bean's got a lot on her plate ahead of Part 4, and without her friends by her side to talk it out with, things could get bad for her pretty quick. In fact, they kind of already have, as Dagmar captured Bean and took her to some hellish looking altar where she was described to some shadowy figure as "the bride." Is this tied to the Bean's fulfilled prophecy we heard about in Part 2 and the source of her mother's magic?

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Zog Is Committed To An Asylum

It's hard to argue King Zog was entirely sane before the Disenchantment Part 3 ending, but it's clear at the end that he's off his rocker. The king was buried alive early on in the new batch of episodes and never recovered from it. He got progressively worse as the episodes went on but didn't officially break until he walked in on an orgy in which Oona and Bean were tricked into attending.

Part 3 ends with Zog being delivered to an asylum, seemingly a little saner than when he left. While I don't have evidence, I do question whether Zog's insanity kick wasn't helped along by some magic from Dagmar or that crown that Alva Gunderson clearly was able to monitor Dreamland from. I probably feel this way because I want Zog to snap back to normal in Part 4, though we really have no idea what the future holds for him in the asylum.

Elfo Disenchantment Netflix

Elfo Is Captured By Ogres

Shortly after Bean's coronation, Dreamland is attacked by Ogres. They're lead by Junior, who fans may remember was stabbed in both of his eyes during a battle between gnomes and Ogres. They want Elfo in exchange for Dreamland's safety, presumably for his role in accidentally stabbing one of Junior's eyes. The Disenchantment Part 3 ending shows Elfo give himself up to the ogres to help save his friends and Dreamland, and he's carried away by the group, assuming he'll be killed.

I'm not only suspicious that the ogres won't kill Elfo but that his capture will ultimately lead to answers about his true heritage. Disenchantment has teased that Elfo could be half-ogre in past episodes, so I'm guessing his birth mother will emerge and save his skin at some point in Part 4. Maybe if she's someone of note, Elfo may even be able to ally with the ogres and Dreamland, which would be a big help to Dreamland if tensions with Steamland rise. Of course, there are other outcomes for Elfo's fate, but with all the teases of his mother being an ogre, I can't help but think it will finally be addressed sometime after his capture.

Bean Luci Disenchantment Netflix

Luci Dies And Goes To Heaven

It wouldn't be Disenchantment without an unexpected "death," and sure enough, Luci was the one to fall this time around. The demon (played by Eric Andre) is accidentally decapitated, trying to help Bean in the elevator shaft, only somewhat upset that he did the right thing to save Bean from Dagmar. The Disenchantment Part 3 ending featured Luci up in the clouds and absolutely furious that he was sent to heaven.

Most would consider it a blessing to be spared from hell, but we know Luci actually enjoys all things malicious and evil more than good. Unfortunately for him, his sacrifice ended with him in heaven, though I can't imagine he'll be stuck there for good. All Elfo had to do was ask God if he could be sent to hell, though Luci may not get off that easy. Still, he's a being of the afterlife and has to know all the ins and outs of getting back to Earth, so I'll imagine he'll use those skills to escape and get back to Bean.

Derek Disenchantment Part 3 Netflix

Derek Ran Away With Oona

Derek had a brief run as king of Dreamland following Zog's assassination attempt but quickly learned that a king's life is not for him. He ended up marrying an old fairy Sagatha after she taught him to feel like a man, though it's clear the young king didn't quite know what he's gotten into. He was quite happy to see his mother Oona return, and while she tried to sneak off without him, he managed to jump aboard her pirate ship anyway.

Derek wasn't a huge character on Disenchantment, so I feel his position at the end of the season was a way for the series to get him out of Dreamland and focus on other things. I don't hate Derek by any means, but having him out of the picture will certainly give more time for other characters to shine. I expect we may see him and Oona again in Part 4, but perhaps with not as big of a role as we saw in Disenchantment Part 3.

Alva Gunderson Disenchantment Part 3 Netflix

Steamland Is Secretly Watching

As mentioned earlier the Disenchantment Part 3 ending revealed that Alva Gunderson was able to spy on the occupants of Dreamland via the crown on Zog's head. Bean ditched the crown in the finale, and with his spy the Arch-Druidess ousted from the kingdom, it may be hard for them to have eyes on what's happening in the show's immediate future. I expect Steamland will try to infiltrate the castle with a spy or pay one of the kingdom's workers to feed them information.

The Netflix series made it clear Steamland wants to blend the world of science and magic, specifically through Alva marrying Bean. Bean's not interested in that, and she's also unsure if the quality of magic Dreamland has quite at the level Alva thinks it is. With that said, we know Alva's been watching, so he's obviously seen things that lead him to think otherwise. Is it possible he knows of Bean's hidden magical potential?

Disenchantment Season 3 Netflix

Dreamland Is Secretly The Original Home Of The Elves

One odd reveal from Disenchantment Part 3's ending was Leavo, Shocko, and Rulo discovering that the original home of the elves lay right beneath Dreamland. We don't know quite what the significance of this reveal is right now, though Rulo made it clear that the other elves in the community were not to know of this discovery.

To take a shot in the dark, I'm assuming the Netflix series will reveal the elves were some form of an enemy to the humans of Dreamland. If that's not the case, they certainly may become enemies should the elves realize humankind drove them out of their original homeland and into Elfwood. With Dreamland presumably about to go to war with Steamland, it was assumed the elves would be one of their few allies, though it's possible this revelation could change that in Part 4 should the news get out.

Disenchantment is currently available to stream on Netflix. Be sure to share your thoughts on Part 3 in the comments, as well as where you believe Part 4 will take the characters when it arrives.

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