Legacies Just Debunked A Major Fan Theory About Hope

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 3 of Legacies Season 2, called "You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know."

The first season of Legacies ended on an unfortunate note for Hope, who had been forgotten by everybody she knew and loved after jumping into Malivore, yet Rafael's fate was arguably the most tragic. He was stuck in werewolf form due to the ring Hope gave him, and with no Hope, he had no way of getting back to his human form. This led to fans speculating that Raf could be connected to everybody remembering Hope before something terrible happens, but the latest episode debunked that theory. Here's what happened.

By the time of "You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know," Raf had been stuck as a wolf for months, and stopped even coming back to Landon at the Salvatore School. While this was obviously bad news for Rafael, the facts that he was stuck in wolf form before Hope jumped into Malivore and he wouldn't have been stuck at all if not for Hope's magic led to fans theorizing that maybe he would remember Hope. Raf the wolf was proof that Hope had existed, and surely he had to remember what had led him to be in seemingly permanent wolf form, right? Raf could remember Hope!

Not so much. In "You Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know," Hope and Alaric learned that there was a monster that hunts werewolves prowling the woods, so they had to find Rafael for his own safety. After getting a little bit too close to Landon, who doesn't remember Hope and is currently dating Josie, and revealing that she's a werewolf as well as witch, Hope finally managed to save the day.

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Rafael is now back in human form, and while he's suffering the effects of living a solitary life in the wild for far too long, he doesn't remember Hope. So far, nobody has recovered their memory of Hope, and it's starting to feel pretty... well, hopeless. Short of that character from The Originals who will soon drop by Legacies, Hope is running out of people likely to remember her, and fans will have to come up with some new theories about Hope that don't involve Raf connecting the dots for everybody.

Fan reactions varied from anger to resignation to downright sadness that the theory of Raf remembering hope due to some magical technicalities was debunked. Just look at the gif choice of one Legacies viewer:

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Although it's nice for Rafael that he's human again and reunited with his best bud Landon, he doesn't remember Hope, and that was not what many viewers were counting on when he finally escaped full-time wolf form.

Somebody else on social media chose a gif that expressed more frustration than fury:

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It would have been one thing if fans only had a few weeks to think about this theory of Rafael remembering Hope. Instead, they had nearly seven months of hiatus to bank on this as a possibility for Legacies Season 2.

For somebody else on Twitter, the heartbreak of Raf not remembering hope was offset a bit by the heartwarming reunion of Raf and Landon:

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Was Rafael actually Hope's last chance for somebody from her old life to remember her? There's always the chance that Legacies has a trick in store to restore her friends' memories, but for now, it really does look like Hope might have to start over. While she is already rebuilding a relationship with Alaric, she clearly won't be able to rekindle a relationship with Landon. Now that he's dating Josie, there's no way this doesn't end without somebody heartbroken.

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