Ever change the channel to Nickelodeon in hopes of reliving a childhood memory from one of your favorite episodes of Zoey 101, Victorious or iCarly? The channel had a solid lineup of sitcoms back in the day, which Paramount is now looking to ahead of the launch of its streaming service Paramount+, which will replace CBS All Access this March. iCarly has a revival coming and the cast just posed for their first close up in a long time.

The iCarly revival was announced in December and it looks like cameras could already be rolling for the nostalgic sitcom reunion. Just take a look at a 27-year-old Miranda Cosgrove and two old friends:

Alright, so we missed them! It’s been a little over eight years since the Nickelodeon series ended after six seasons with “iGoodbye.” Miranda Cosgrove posed with Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor, who played Freddie and Spencer in the show. The actress remained cryptic with a blue heart emoji under the photo, but in the background “iCarly Set 1” is clearly marked. Looks like the gang is already back to their web show that echoed the rise of YouTube and the YouTuber.

Fans are obviously excited, but it seems the photo has really taken them by surprise. @AllForCosmos couldn’t hold in the excitement with her comment on Miranda Cosgrove's Instagram post:


Other fans flooding the comments went for piles of AAAAA’s and called the post their “childhood.” User @jewell.perfetto summed it up well by saying “no freaking way.” It’s fair to say a lot of fans had no idea it was coming, or this fast anyway. The fans are pretty speechless:

Another fan detailed that they’re in tears about the news, while getting nostalgic about the end of the show back in 2012. iCarly was definitely super popular and likely could have lasted much longer than it did, but Miranda Cosgrove decided to move on and attend college after spending much of her childhood as a big star for Nickelodeon, also as the little sis on Drake & Josh.

There’s also a good sum of fans who could only see the cast members who are not present in the photo. Jeanette McCurdy, who played Carly’s bestie Sam, and Noah Munck, who played Gibby, do not look to be part of the revival. One fan had this to say about the striking lack of Sam:

Jeanette McCurdy has previously opened up about her eating disorder that sprang from her time as a child star, something that Disney star Demi Lovato also struggled with while finding fame. It’s understandable that not every actor involved in iCarly may jump at returning to the series, but it is exciting to see some central stars from the show back together and back to work.

iCarly joins a slew of revivals coming to TV, including a Sex in the City revival coming to HBO Max and a Dexter revival coming to Showtime. Are you excited for the iCarly reboot? While you wait for the new episodes, Season 1 and 2 of the original show are coming to Netflix in February.

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