Mike Myers And Dana Carvey Reunited For A Wayne's World Super Bowl Ad, And How Does Dana Carvey Look Exactly The Same?

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The big game is almost upon us, football fans. And, with Super Bowl LV coming down the pike so quickly, you can bet that we're already starting to get to see some of the commercials which will (hopefully) help to brighten our lives in the coming days. One such spot which has been revealed reunites the Wayne's World duo of Dana Carvey and Mike Myers, and while they both seem to have stepped back into their iconic roles easily, Carvey, somehow, looks exactly the same.

Super Bowl commercials are very well known and loved for bringing in celebrities to either do things we've never seen then do before, or to have them revisit some of their most famous roles in (sometimes) very odd situations. I'm sure this year will be no different, and former Saturday Night Live mainstays and Wayne's World stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have now brought Wayne and Garth back to help remind all Super Bowl viewers about Uber Eats. But, one of them appears to have found a way to make time stand still. Take a look at the ad, which was posted to the brand's YouTube page, below!

Wow. Alright, first off, it's not as though Mike Myers doesn't look good back in his shoddy black wig, black tee and Wayne's World cap, and he's certainly slipped reliably into Wayne's speech pattern and movements. But, Dana Carvey as Garth is just so shockingly the same after all of these decades, that's it's hard not to notice.

Seeing as how this spot is only a teensy bit over half a minute long, and Wayne and Garth talk about how they'll see us for the game "which for legal reasons cannot be named," I'm guessing that we'll get to see an even longer spot come Super Bowl evening. And, should that happen, that will give us more time to marvel over this reappearance of the classic characters.

Wayne and Garth made their debut on SNL in early 1989, and quickly became popular characters which Mike Myers and Dana Carvey would reprise many times on the show, mostly through the end of 1992. Obviously, the sketch about two young metalheads who co-host a public access TV show from the basement of Wayne's parent's house took off to the point where the sketch was turned into only the second movie based on an SNL sketch (with 1980s The Blues Brothers having paved the way).

Lorne Michaels clearly made the right choice there, because Wayne's World went on to become the tenth highest grossing film of 1992, and spawned a sequel which came out the following year.

It's always nice when Dana Carvey and Mike Myers take the time to pay tribute to something they'll always be known and loved for and decide to revisit Wayne and Garth. Who knows? Maybe the realization that they'll likely be asked to step back into character until their dying day has convinced Carvey, especially, to stay in peak Garth form as long as possible.

While we wait to hear if this Super Bowl ad leads to any updates on a potential Wayne's World 3, you can revisit the original sketches via Peacock, and the two movies on a variety of services. For more to watch right now, check out our guide to winter / spring 2021 TV. Party on!

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