Mike Myers Isn't Completely Ruling Out Another Wayne's World Movie

When it comes to Saturday Night Live sketches, some have the potential to become amazing movies, while others most certainly do not. For every Blues Brothers, we get an It's Pat. However, there's arguably one distinct Saturday Night Live film franchise by which all others are compared: Wayne's World. The series has been on ice for almost two and a half decades, but apparently Mike Myers isn't opposed to thawing out iconic, dimwitted metal heads, Wayne and Garth, in the near future. Myers elaborated:

It would be an interesting examination of Wayne at 50 I don't know what it would look like, but the idea of it makes me laugh and Dana (Carvey) and I had a blast at the 40th anniversary, so I don't know.

During a recent interview with CTV News, Wayne's World star Mike Myers revealed that he would certainly be interested in dusting off his classic character Wayne Campbell at some point. He doesn't necessarily know what a Wayne's World 3 would look like, but it's something that consistently intrigues him when he considers the possibility. The original Wayne's World turns 25 next year, so a sequel would most certainly look and feel incredibly different from what we've already seen - though that could help the franchise branch out into a new direction.

Waynes World

Before you start to roll your eyes at this idea, it's important to remember one very important thing: the Wayne's World series has a proven track record with sequels. Although most franchises (particularly comedy franchises) tend to falter when it comes to follow-up installments, Wayne's World 2 has often found itself lauded as one of the best comedy sequels of all time. There's no guarantee that Wayne's World 3 could capture that spirit, but Mike Myers and Dana Carvey have already proven that Wayne's World wasn't a one-off the first time around.

Of course, we should note that both Mike Myers and Dana Carvey also recently reaffirmed that they still definitely have what it takes to make Wayne's World work in the modern age. They recently donned their respective characters of Wayne and Garth once more during last year's Saturday Night Live anniversary special, and it felt like a total blast from the past. Check out the clip below to see for yourself.

Whether or not Wayne's World 3 will actually ever come to fruition remains a mystery, but I will come out right now and firmly declare that I will be the first one in line to see it if it does. Until then, party on, Wayne and Garth!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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