5 Other The Witcher Spinoffs We Want To See After Blood Origin

Geralt in _The Witcher._

Geralt in The Witcher.

Ever since The Witcher took to our devices and TV screens back in 2019 before the world seemed to end, fans of the show have been looking forward to when a possible Season 2 might be released. But, since there hasn’t been much news of that just yet, viewers were quickly satiated back in July of 2020 with that announcement of a brand new The Witcher spinoff to continue the lore of the popular fantasy show – The Witcher: Blood Origin.

However, even though this spinoff has been confirmed by Netflix and casting is currently taking place, there are still plenty of options for producers of the show to make more spinoffs about. Some could be their own limited series, or perhaps shorts regarding the characters, but The Witcher lore is real and long and powerful, and there’s so much to be discovered. That’s why these are the best The Witcher spinoffs that we want to see.

Geralt in The Witcher.

The Story Of The Witchers' Extinction

I know that in the novels we are told a little about what happened to Kaer Morhen and how the witchers were killed, but I really want to see all of the details that are involved with it. The beginning of how they trained the witchers to fight monsters, the story of the very witchers who survived the massacre that took place, and had to spread out to different areas so they would not be killed, the story of who ended up being the strongest.

While we are given a little bit about Geralt’s past, I really want to know the whole deal, and how he came to be. This would be the perfect opportunity to not only expand on his past as a whole but to add on more characters that were like him and tell their stories as well.

Yennefer in The Witcher.

How The Sorcery Schools (Where Yennefer Is From) Came To Be

Okay, admittedly, I am a Harry Potter nerd, so for a while, I was a bit more into Yennifer’s story than I was Geralt’s when I first began getting into The Witcher series. But one thing that always irked me is that we aren’t given that much to go off on in terms of where these magic schools came from.

I mean, did they just suddenly pop up out of nowhere? Who began them thousands of years ago? And how did they discover that humans could possess the power of chaos and wield it into their own hands? Was someone just really angry one day and ended up blasting someone through a wall and that’s how sorcery was discovered? There’s so much left untold.

I know that there’s still plenty of stories to tell considering we’ve only had one season of The Witcher, but even still, I feel like we weren’t given any sort of history even when Yennefer was at the school. And clearly, there are plenty of people who still go to these schools, so what gives?

Ciri in promo shots from The Witcher Season 2.

Ciri As The Main Character

When I first met Ciri in the story, I didn’t think her character was that compelling, but over time I started to grow attached to the girl who would later train to become a fighter, just like Geralt, even if she didn’t have the namesake of being a witcher.

However, I’d like there to be some sort of miniseries where Ciri is sort of the main character. I know in the regular show we’ve gotten snippets of her own story, but I feel like most of the time those were shoehorned in so that we wouldn’t forget about her. It didn’t feel authentically her story.

I think tiny snippets of her training with Geralt could bring some humanity to her character. Trying to learn how to hold a sword, and seeing her practice, or discovering more of her powers, or even building relationships that are completely different from the life that she knew in Cintra would be amazing to see.

Jaskier in The Witcher.

Jaskier’s (Dandelion) Origins

For fans of the books, you may know Jaskier as Dandelion, his actual name that readers of the series know the bard by. Jaskier is actually the Polish translation of the name, so I suppose they went with Jaskier in the show because it sounded a tad bit more serious than Dandelion.

Even so, I loved his character. The amount of comedic timing, the so-called “smooth-talking” he would attempt to do to any women he met, even his hit song “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” is a banger and needs to be appreciated.

I don’t know how his origins would be used in a full-on spinoff series but I think if we got to learn about Jaskier’s backstory and discover how he became the man he is now, it would be a ton of fun. I would pay serious money to see Jaskier strike out multiple times as a younger man and attempt to use his music to sway them again, maybe in a miniseries of some sort.

Queen Calanthe in The Witcher.

More On Queen Calanthe and The History Of Cintra

I was so upset when they barely paid much mind to the kingdom that Ciri comes from during the show, and even more so the grandmother of Ciri, Calanthe. My girl was killed off in the first episode. I mean, come on. She was this savage, amazing warrior, and then all of a sudden we see her dead instantly?

Nah, I’m not buying it. This is the one spinoff that I would actually adore to see because we didn’t see her at all during the show. I want a whole spinoff about her rise to the top of Cintra, her marriages to her husbands, dealing with her daughter’s powers, and later learning of her granddaughter’s powers – everything. I want to see this woman be the amazing version of herself that she deserves to be.

There might have been a bit of her backstory in the novels but it – and more – deserves to be brought to the big screen, and I will defend that until my dying day.

While we all wait for The Witcher Season 2, I suppose we’ll all just have to theorize what comes next for our favorite characters. What else do you think should be added to The Witcher lore?

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