Netflix's The Witcher Writers Know Geralt's Last Wish, But Will Fans Hear In Season 2?

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This is an alert! Spoilers for The Witcher Season 1 are discussed below!

Season 1 of The Witcher has finally arrived on Netflix! If you have already binged the series’ first season or at least made it to Episode 5, you are aware of some exciting developments. One of which remained left open to viewer speculation at least until the fantasy series returns for Season 2. What happened?

In The Witcher’s fifth episode, Henry Cavill’s Geralt makes three wishes after incorrectly believing that he has become a djinn’s master. Despite that, Geralt does end up using three wishes. While viewers are let in on what he uses his first two for (tranquility), fans are not made privy to his third and final wish. Could Season 2 reveal it?

Geralt’s wish does make the djinn leave town. Thus, saving the life of Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer, who wanted to cure her infertility by becoming a vessel for the djinn. So, The Witcher gave fans a starting point to speculate from. Could Season 2 tell them for sure? The Witcher’s writers already know what Geralt's last wish is. The series’ showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, told TV Guide:

We know, I'm not sure anyone else will ever know. But to know the story, we had to very much decide on, 'This is what we're hearing,' so that we can make sure that as the dominoes fall in later seasons we all understand what it is.

They know, but viewers do not. This is interesting. The Witcher’s showrunner mentions the “dominoes” falling in later seasons. Will it take that long before Geralt’s wish gets revealed? Or will Season 2 be the one to divulge it? The mystery seems destined to wear on for a while. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich also told TV Guide that The Witcher would “let the audience keep guessing.”

I do not think it is the most promising sign that The Witcher will resolve the mystery wish any time soon. Even if fans are wishing that Season 2 will be the one to do it. The show could be around for a while, leaving plenty of time to reveal Geralt's wish. The Witcher’s showrunner said that she would be willing to write numerous seasons of the show.

The journey has just begun! If you are a Vikings fan who wants another genre show to watch in between episodes. Or you are hoping The Witcher is the next Game of Thrones, there is a lot here. Like many fantasy series before it, The Witcher has already set up a mythos mystery right off the bat!

If you think the book may hold the key, it does not. Speaking of which, The Witcher did make some important changes from the books. On that note, the author of the series has already weighed in on how he feels about the Netflix adaptation. Meanwhile, the critics have had their say on the drama.

Fans will have to keep tuning into the series to find out what Geralt’s last wish is. There is nothing quite like a dangling plot thread to keep you riveted! As fans get to see more of The Witcher unfold post-wish, they may learn new info that could bring them closer to the answer. After all, the show is just getting started!

An entire season of The Witcher lies ahead. It will undoubtedly add more to what viewers already know. I do wonder if the show will save the answer for the very last episode. Stranger things have happened on television and many love their secrets. Stay tuned to find out what Season 2 ends up revealing!

The first season of The Witcher is currently streaming on Netflix. It will soon be joined by a feast of 2020 premieres. While you anxiously await Henry Cavill’s return as Geralt for The Witcher Season 2, you can check out this winter’s premieres.

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