WandaVision’s Big Cameo Was Cool And All, But I’m Way More Curious About Billy And Tommy’s Weirdness

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Some major spoilers are lurking below for the latest episode of WandaVision, so be warned if you haven't yet watched!

The latest installment of Disney+'s WandaVision was the perfect mix of the four episodes that preceded it, with "A Very Special Episode" bouncing between the real-world S.W.O.R.D. team and Wanda's seemingly self-imposed Hex. (I got you, Darcy.) But while so many viewers and MCU fans are going berserk over that last-minute appearance from Evan Peters as what appeared to be the X-Men franchise's Pietro "Quicksilver" Maximoff – and yeah, I thought it was very cool, too, down to his Fonzie-esque vibe – I'm more interested in whatever the hell is happening with the "twins" Billy and Tommy.

Ahead of Episode 5, some of the biggest questions that viewers had about Wanda and Vision's children involved whether they would eventually become the comics' Speed and Wiccan, further opening the door for the Young Avengers and more Marvel awesomeness. But after seeing everything that went down in this age-defying (and reality-defying) episode, I have many more thoughts and questions about Billy and Tommy Maximoff, so let's dive into some of those now.

wandavision billy and tommy age 5 reveal

Billy And Tommy Don't Seem Like They're Actually Twins

Sure, they were born at the same time, and multiple characters have referred to Billy and Tommy as twins, but are they? The siblings are basically identical in the comics, save for their differing hair, and while it's obviously possible that WandaVision's youngins are fraternal twins, this is the kind of show that probably would have specifically pointed that out at least twice by now. (Also, the biological background for fraternal twins seems a bit complicated to explain when a synthezoid is the father.) Considering we know Full House and Elizabeth Olsen's twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley were partial influences for WandaVision, it just seems strange that the MCU series would go with non-identical twins and non-related actors in these roles.

wandavision episode 5 childhood pictures

WandaVision's Opening Features Lots Of Pictures That Shouldn't Exist

The pitch-perfect Family Ties-esque opening title sequence for 'On A Very Special Episode..." featured a few adorable details that would be impossible in this world as it is. Namely, I'm referring to pictures from Billy and Tommy's infancy and toddler-hood that were clearly taken during ages that the boys didn't actually experience, since they magically advanced their ages from newborns to five-year-olds. I know Wanda's imagination, subconscious and inner desires are responsible for all this, and that she's just as responsible for creating those hilarious pics of Vision as a baby and adolescent. Even so, it's pretty damned weird for Billy and Tommy to be merely days old on the surface, yet they already have 20 years of learned experiences between them after advancing to become ten-year-olds.

wandavision billy and tommy with sparky episode 5

Billy And Tommy Are The Only Children In Town (For Now)

One of the best things about WandaVision is when its characters say the things and ask the questions that viewers are saying and asking about the show. More relevant here are Vision's comments in Episode 5 concerning the complete lack of children in Westview outside of Billy and Tommy. That's been a nagging concern ever since Dottie's crew first uttered the "For the children!" mantra, made all the more strange since Disney+'s trailers have long teased children trick-or-treating during the Halloween-themed episode. So where do all those kids come from, and where were they before? Did Wanda recontextualize all of those kids' identities as well?

wandavision agnes drinking dark liquor on the counter

Agnes Already Has A Strange Connection To Tommy And Billy

Episode 5 wisely addressed (yet didn't completely confirm) the notion that Wanda is somewhat responsible for bringing about the various interruptions that make their lives easier, including Agnes' nick-of-time visits. She popped in just when Wanda and Vision were becoming frustrated with never-ending crying, and she similarly dropped by later arbitrarily carrying an already assembled doghouse for their short-lived pet Sparky. (Maybe they're the ones who called out to her in Episode 5.) But was she the cause of their quickened aging with her lavender spray? Why did she seem to introspective when talking about children being uncontrollable? And did she intentionally kill their dog just to provoke an emotional response?

wandavision billy and tommy dog dead

Billy And Tommy Know Something's Up With Wanda

While Billy and Tommy may initially seem like your average youngsters, they clearly possess some deeper insights when it comes to Wanda. First, they question her and seem suspicious when she claimed it was a different day from what they thought. Then, after Agnes made her depressing Sparky reveal and Wanda attempts to sympathize with their pain, they ask for Wanda to bring the dog back from the dead, making it seem pretty clear that they're aware she has such powers. (Agnes, on the other hand, looks might curious when that point comes up.) Do they share some of Wanda's powers, having come from her DNA, or is there something else guiding their understanding of their parentage?

wandavision wanda outside the hex

Billy And Tommy May Have A Very Dark Backstory

Given what we know about most of the people in Westview – that Wanda essentially stole them from their real lives – are we not meant to assume the same is the case for Billy and Tommy? Nothing about their conception or birth came close to being traditional, so is it possible the two newborns that Wanda and Vision cared for were babies that actually belonged to other parents within the Westview Anomaly? If that would be the case, would likely then mean the five-year old versions of Billy and Tommy were also taken from their true mothers and fathers, and the same would go for the boys at age 10. Of course, it's just as possible that the boys are fully connected to Wanda in all respects, but I remain suspicious.

It's very likely that answers to some of these questions will come when Episode 6 hits Disney+, which you can subscribe to here if you don't already have one. But if we've learned anything about WandaVision so far, it's that every answer leads to more questions, taking us one step forward, and then two twins back.

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