Chicago Med Reveals Will's Trial In Trouble In Tense New Episode Clip

Chicago Med has sent Will on a wild ride throughout the unconventional sixth season so far, and the clinical trial with Dr. Virani has helped him deal with both his heartache and his professional disappointment within the ED. The early successes of the heart failure medication trial put as much of a skip into his step as fans have seen in a while, but a clip from the next new episode (seen above) reveals that the trial is running into some trouble with a very sick patient.

In the new February 17 episode of Chicago Med, called "Better is the Enemy of the Good," the heart failure medication that has seemed like a miracle drug seems to have done something decidedly less-than-miraculous for one of the patients in Will's trial. Vera is short of breath and confusing details, and Will recognizes symptoms beyond "straight up heart failure." It looks like there may be some dangerous side effects to the drug, which Will worked very hard to pitch as safe to patients who were afraid of something going wrong.

Well, at least Dr. Virani should be on her way! The Season 6 newcomer has helped and encouraged Will throughout the clinical trial, although only time will tell how her opinion might change if and when she finds out that he crossed some lines in pursuit of getting patients to sign on for the trial, and April is somewhat in on Will bending the rules since joining forces with him. Still, Will has been all-in on the trial (to Ethan's chagrin) and seems to be progressively going all-in on Dr. Virani herself.

Nick Gehlfuss, who has played Will Halstead since all the way back when the character debuted on Chicago P.D., spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets for One Chicago Day, and he shared Will's perspective on the clinical trial as well as the very capable Sabeena Virani:

They're getting to know each other through this new clinical trial that Will is really putting all his energy into, I think, trying to prove himself and find purpose after being passed up for the promotion. And he's really reevaluating where he's at professionally and personally. And I think that there's something attractive about Dr. Virani to him in the fact that she's this strong, independent woman overseeing this clinical trial, and it's in a totally different part of the hospital than he's used to.

Dr. Virani couldn't be much more different of a potential match for Will than Hannah was considering the circumstances of how he and Hannah met, but he and Dr. Virani still seem to be friendly coworkers getting friendlier than anything else at this point. Still, if six seasons of Chicago Med have proved anything, it's that feelings can fly fast when there are lives at stake, and there are definitely lives in the balance when it comes to this trial.

Of course, Will's trial won't be the only source of trouble in the ED in "Better is the Enemy of the Good." Ethan's continual pushing of himself both physically and mentally since his promotion to ED Chief will start to take its toll and leave him struggling to get through the day. On the plus side, if there's anywhere on Chicago Med for Ethan to have a stress-induced health crisis, the ED of a hospital is the place to do it!

See what happens for Will's trial with the "Better is the Enemy of Good" episode of Chicago Med on Wednesday, February 17 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. Chicago Med starts out the night of One Chicago action, followed by Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET. You can find more episodes of all three series streaming on Peacock now. The One Chicago shared universe of Dick Wolf shows is only getting bigger in 2021, with Law & Order: SVU's upcoming spinoff bumping the count up to seven shows.

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