Is Chicago Med's Will Halstead Heading Toward Another Hospital Romance In Season 6?


The long-awaited return of Chicago Med in 2021 delivered not only some big changes to some characters, but also set the stage for what's on the way in the rest of the sixth season. Will Halstead has already made it pretty clear that the heart failure medication clinical trial is going to be a priority for him, and the Med showrunners confirmed that the conflict with Ethan as new ED Chief isn't over yet. But what about a romance for the man known for dating within the walls of Med?

Between Will's relationships with Nina, Natalie, and most recently Hannah, he has shown a willingness to dive straight into workplace romances regardless of how messy they're likely to get, with Hannah as a prime example. Now, it seems that Will may have his eye on another doctor at Med in the sixth season. Chicago Med bosses Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov spoke with CinemaBlend about Will in 2021, and shared this about what the dynamic between Will and newcomer Dr. Sabeena Virani will look like:

Diane Frolov: Well, she's very professional. And she cares a great deal about this trial and doing it right, so he might not be completely honest with her.Andrew Schneider: About some of his moves. At the same time, he is attracted to her.

Oh, Will. Well, let it not be said that the pandemic has changed Will in any fundamental ways that will prevent him from bending the rules and forming attractions to coworkers! Of course, Will being attracted to Dr. Virani doesn't mean that he'll pursue a relationship with her, or if she'd reciprocate considering he might not be handling her clinical trial the way she wants.

The showrunners also shared that "there will be times when he doesn't do everything quite above board," and not according "to the strict rules of the trial," although for the right reasons. In fact, he'll do some things for the patients that could get him in trouble when it comes to the trial, and things are going to get complicated.

Will may wind up attracted to Dr. Virani, but we shouldn't count her among Will's hospital love interests just yet. In fact, Will will be working more with another female character in Season 6 as well, and that almost certainly won't lead to sparks flying. April will join Will in working on his trial.

Besides, to be fair, Will isn't that much of an outlier when it comes to One Chicago characters dating within the workplace. Natalie is seemingly on her third hospital love interest since her relationship with Crockett is going to be "significant" as Season 6 continues, Will's own brother over on Chicago P.D. has fallen for two out of two partners (although over the span of eight seasons), and Chicago Fire has been on long enough that it feels like most of the main characters have dated within the CFD at some point.

Would One Chicago really be as engrossing as it is without the relationships that guarantee some serialized stories? After all, these characters are almost all so invested in their work that they don't have all that much time to meet people outside of their jobs, and Will is no exception. I still think Hannah wasn't exactly his best decision, but that relationship definitely made for a complex storyline! So, is Will heading toward another hospital relationship?

We'll have to wait and see whether anything comes of his attraction, but there definitely seem to be plenty of layers to his clinical trial storyline worth checking out. Chicago Med returns to NBC with the next new episode on Wednesday, October 27 at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Chicago Fire at 9 p.m. ET and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. ET, with more options on our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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