How Chicago Med Could Use Will's Story To Set Up A Crossover With Chicago P.D.


Spoilers ahead for Episode 7 of Chicago Med Season 6, called “Better Is The Enemy Of The Good."

Chicago Med may have set up a conflict between Will and Ethan in Season 6 due to Ethan’s promotion, but both doctors were dealing with problems of their own in “Better Is The Enemy Of The Good,” and Will’s story with the clinical trial leaves me theorizing that Chicago Med could use that plot to set up a crossover or mini crossovers with Chicago P.D.. Yes, even despite all of the pandemic difficulties.

Despite Will making a move in “Better Is The Enemy Of The Good” that could lead to the trial’s cancellation and tainted results to ruin everything, Dr. Virani is still in the dark that Will went full… well, he went full Will Halstead and went rogue to keep a woman on the medication by testing her blood at another hospital to try and prove that the drug wasn’t causing her symptoms. (And then he asked Dr. Virani out, because of course he did.) The other shoe may still drop if Dr. Virani finds out, is told by April, or Will comes clean, but for now, Will remains involved in the trial.

And that brings us to how Will’s story on Chicago Med could set up a crossover with Chicago P.D. this season. I'm not predicting any kind of grand two-parter like what One Chicago has delivered in years past, and I'm really only theorizing at this point, but both Med and P.D. have set up separate storylines that could pretty easily connect. The two shows used to have mini crossovers all the time with Jay Halstead dropping by the hospital to visit and/or confront his brother.

That said, it's not Jay that I can see opening up a bridge for mini crossovers between Med and P.D. in the 2020-2021 TV season, but rather his partner. Hailey Upton could be the connection between the shows, and not just because she's gotten a lot cozier with a Halstead brother recently. Hailey's dad collapsed with a major heart attack earlier in P.D. Season 8, and was taken to Med (off-screen) and required surgery. It stands to reason that her dad may have heart failure as a result of the major heart attack, and it just so happens that Hailey knows a guy running a heart failure clinical trial.

Admittedly, Hailey's dad was abusive throughout her childhood, to the point that she couldn't bring herself to visit him while he was in the hospital, so I'm not sure I see her going to extra mile for his health of her own volition. Still, she seems to be on good terms with her mom who stayed with her dad, and it's possible that her dad could run into Will and become a participant in the trial without even knowing that Hailey and Will know each other. Will is the star of Chicago P.D.'s sister series, after all, and this is a pretty meaty storyline for him on Med that I think could span two shows, especially if this would be a case of mini crossovers.

One Chicago can be a small world, and Hailey's dad did briefly appear in the flesh on P.D. Would P.D. have really cast the character if there was no intent to bring him back? And wouldn't Will's clinical trial be a way to do that? The various One Chicago series have pulled off mini crossover despite COVID so far, with Burgess, Atwater, and Platt showing up on non-P.D. shows this season. Why not Tracy Spiridakos as Hailey? I'm missing seeing Will get to hang out with his brother this season, so I'd take Will crossing paths with his brother's partner. Besides, it could be pretty funny if Will finds out about Upstead.

All of this said, Chicago Med starting to include crossovers with P.D. characters because of Hailey's dad's heart problems could be a pretty long shot, but it's fun to speculate, and mini crossovers aren't impossible. See how One Chicago has pulled off mini crossovers in the past with Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Fire streaming on Peacock, and check out NBC on Wednesdays for episodes of Chicago Med.

Laura Hurley
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