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The Walking Dead's 15 Most Heartbreaking Deaths So Far

Daryl Dixon on _The Walking Dead._

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead.

With more than ten years under its belt, The Walking Dead has been a staple in primetime television ever since its premiere back in 2010. However, a post-apocalyptic world is nothing without heartbreaks and death, and The Walking Dead does a fabulous job of putting those both together.

The last episodes of Season 10 are coming soon, and Season 11 is going to be the last one of the show. With that in mind, these are the most heartbreaking deaths so far that The Walking Dead has offered us. And of course – spoiler alert!

Rick in The Walking Dead.

Honorable Mention: Rick (Season 9)

Okay, so technically this wasn’t a death, but it was an end to his character on the TV show. But that doesn’t take away the pain that we all felt as viewers watching the man that we seemingly saw change so much over the course of the series leave just like that.

Not only that, but the characters also believed Rick to be dead, though we knew the truth, which made it even sadder. I personally can’t wait to see him in action again once those movies are released.

Sophia's death in The Walking Dead.

15. Sophia (Season 2)

I might get some flack for placing her so low on the list, but I feel like ever since Season 2 of The Walking Dead, there have been so many more deaths other than Sophia that have hurt.

Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still heartbreaking to watch. The group had been searching for Sophia for so long, who had gone missing in the woods earlier on in the season, only for her to stumble out of the barn as a walker. Yes, even children could die on The Walking Dead. And that was a realization everyone needed to know.

Siddiq in The Walking Dead.

14. Siddiq (Season 10)

Siddiq’s death on The Walking Dead was so sudden, it was almost hard to even react at first when he was killed by Dante from the Whisperers, just like that, as if he didn’t matter at all.

But the implications of what it meant for the community as a whole not to have a doctor or someone there to take care of them felt horrible, and of course Rosita lost the father of her child. It sucked all around.

Sasha's death in The Walking Dead.

13. Sasha (Season 7)

I always had a feeling ever since Abraham had been offed earlier on in Season 7 of The Walking Dead that Sasha would end up hurting herself. But willingly ending her life to try and kill Negan when she came of that coffin as a walker after taking a pill she had snuck in? Jeez, it was horrible to see. I felt so sad for her.

At least she is with her family now, but still. Brutal.

Jesus in The Walking Dead.

12. Jesus (Season 9)

The Whisperers seemed to pop up out of nowhere as the villain of The Walking Dead and just nerfed Jesus right away, even though he seemed to be one of the most capable fighters.

But the aftermath was the heartbreaking feeling that hurt the most. Seeing Aaron visibly upset over Jesus being gone, watching Tara lose her friend just like that. The people of the Hilltop seeing him buried when they truly thought they were safe. Tears are threatening to fall as I think about it.

Merle's death in The Walking Dead.

11. Merle (Season 3)

Merle was a complicated story from beginning to finish on The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he gave his life fighting the Governor back in Season 3 because he could see how much Daryl had changed because of the group. He didn’t want the Governor to get away with what he was planning.

What made it even worse was when Daryl went looking for Merle and had to literally stab his now walker-turned brother in the head to end his suffering. Seeing Daryl cry will make anyone cry.

Lizzie and Carol in The Walking Dead.

10. Lizzie And Mika (Season 4)

This was more of a mix of shocking and heartbreaking on The Walking Dead. Heartbreaking was Mika, the little girl who was completely innocent in everything, and her neck was brutally slit by her sister after she said it wasn’t right to play with walkers. Shocking because Lizzie was an actual mental case who needed help, but Carol could not help her, nor Tyreese.

Both of them knew Judith would be in danger being around the girl after the prison fell, so Carol made the tough decision to kill Lizzie. “Look at the flowers” is still one of the most heartbreaking lines of the series, just because of the implications that followed.

Lori's death in The Walking Dead.

9. Lori (Season 3)

Alright, I despised Lori on The Walking Dead. There was something about her that just rubbed me the wrong way, and that continued well up to her death in Season 3. But seeing Carl cry for his mom after she went into labor trying to deliver Judith was what sealed the deal on heartbreak.

And no matter how much we may not like her as a collective group of fans, she was still Carl’s mother and Rick’s wife. The emotion and love were still there. Rick did everything to try and find somewhere safe for her only for Lori to die while giving birth. It all felt worthless and seeing Rick mentally crack afterward left us all feeling a bit uneasy.

Dale's death in The Walking Dead.

8. Dale (Season 2)

Ah, Dale. The first moral compass of The Walking Dead. I often pair Sophia and Dale’s deaths in Season 2 as turning points of the show. Sophia's death showed that children can also be killed and are not safe, but Dale's death sealed the deal in regards to the approach of thinking hopefully and optimistically.

Dale always wanted to be the good guy and give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but even in the end that ended up getting him killed because the walkers don’t care if you’re good or not, only if you’re alive and he got eaten. It didn’t matter about the moralities of someone – only if you were living.

Abraham before dying in The Walking Dead.

7. Abraham (Season 7)

I was never the hugest fan of Abraham on The Walking Dead, but I, for sure, did not expect him to die so easily. I felt that he had a lot more story to tell on the show than to just be killed by Negan in his lineup, but what made it worse was that it felt he was getting his life on track.

He had finally come to terms with who he was and what he had done during his time in the world falling apart and had maybe found something like love with Sasha when it all went to crap so quickly, and he got his head smashed in. Plus, seeing both Rosita and Sasha cry over him felt like a punch to the heart. No matter what Abraham did, he still cared for them both and it hurt to see them so distressed over his death.

Hershel's death in The Walking Dead.

6. Hershel (Season 4)

I still feel all weepy thinking of Hershel’s death on The Walking Dead. The Governor was always a brutal man, and he demonstrated that by being unmoved by Rick’s speech about the horrors their two communities endured. The Governor brutally killed Hershel, the moral compass of this group. The one who always tended to try and think of a better option out difficult situations. 

And nothing will ever beat seeing Hershel’s partially decapitated head on the ground before The Governor just cut it off completely, just like that. And then Michonne went and stabbed him in the head once he turned into a walker. There was something just so heart-shattering, seeing him die just like that. He didn’t do anything wrong. But the world was brutal, and so was the Governor in his war against them.

Tyreese before dying in The Walking Dead.

5. Tyreese (Season 5)

I loved Tyreese. I felt that he was a cool dude with so much love and hope to give and to see him go out so suddenly felt awful. But what made his death even more heartbreaking was how as he was dying after getting bit, he started to hallucinate and see the people he had cared for (who had died) speak to him, saying it was “okay” for him to move on.

The final five minutes of the episode on The Walking Dead make it worse, as the group tried desperately to save him, but he still passes on. We end with him being buried, and Sasha standing over the grave of her dead brother, gone. Just like that. Truly terrible.

Beth's death in The Walking Dead.

4. Beth (Season 5)

Beth, near the end of Season 4 on The Walking Dead, was finally beginning to change her character, show some growth, become her own person instead of just Maggie’s little sister until she was kidnapped. And then, just as the group finds her, she tries a little stunt to save her friend Noah and ends up getting shot right in the head.

This death wasn’t a gut punch. This was a straight-up sucker punch to my head and had me crying for days on end. I was looking forward to where her story would take her and then it was ripped away. If the next three deaths hadn’t happened, this would for sure be at the top of my list.

The line of dead people on the Whisperer line on The Walking Dead.

3. The Whisperer Line Deaths (Season 9)

I’m lumping them all together because they all equally sucked on The Walking Dead. Did I know it was coming due to the comics? Yes, but at the same time, they changed so many of the deaths it was like a return to pain. The Whisperers wanted to make a statement, to create their border from the survivors, and boy did they.

All of the reanimated faces of some of the regular survivors, but with people we came to know – Henry, Enid, Tara – gone with their heads as walkers on sticks, it was like the lineup from Negan all over again.

Carl's death on The Walking Dead.

2. Carl (Season 8)

While Carl dying (to me) made no sense considering I always felt The Walking Dead was his story, it doesn’t change the fact that it fits his character. He died trying to bring someone (Siddiq) to the community, to show the same type of welcomeness his dad had in the past, only for him to get bit.

What makes it worse is that Carl had changed so much at this point. He wasn’t just some dumb kid. He was genuinely trying to make a difference and help in the war against the Saviors, but the moment he died, Rick let go of basically any sort of morals he had for most of the war until the very end when he kept Negan alive. Because he knew that’s what his son would have wanted. It’s so heartbreaking.

Glenn's death on The Walking Dead.

1. Glenn (Season 7)

Ugh, God. Glenn.

Negan had already gotten his one kill in, everything seemed to be going fine until he said something that angered Daryl, who attacked Negan, and the leader of the Saviors felt he needed to punish the group now.

So, out of pure shock value, Negan goes and kills Glenn too, ending him the same way his comic version did too. Glenn, his eyes bursting from his head, trying to speak to Maggie while she’s sobbing about her dying husband is an image that will always sit with me and make me remember The Walking Dead in its worst hours.

He never got to meet his son, or have the life with Maggie he always wanted. And I will never forgive the show for that, which is why it will always be number one on my list.

With the new episodes coming up, what deaths have hit you the hardest? (pun intended).

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