9 Big WandaVision Questions We Still Have After The Series Finale

Major spoilers below for WandaVision's emotional series finale, fittingly titled "The Series Finale."

WandaVision's ninth and final episode completely veered away from the sitcom motif that framed the first eight installments, perhaps to signify the permanent return to a darker reality for Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda now that she has fully embraced her role as the Scarlet Witch. Magical battles intertwined with synthezoid philosophy during "The Series Finale," and Wanda's Hex was vanquished, bringing Westview back to its previous iteration, albeit with far more trauma. And while some answers were delivered, the episode obviously sparked another round of questions, though these may not get fully answered until the MCU sequels Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2 arrive.

Still, the knowledge that answers aren't coming is hardly a big enough deterrent to stop me and other fans from speculating about everything, just as we did for this entire season of WandaVision. While I'm extremely dolorous over the thought of going the rest of forever without new episodes to devour, at least there are these ponderings to savor until Wanda, Paul Bettany's Vision and others return down the road. (Assuming that road isn't being blocked off by maintenance workers and schoolchildren.)

wanda, vision, billy and tommy ready to fight in wandavision finale

Did Wanda Hear The “Real” Billy And Tommy, Or Was It A Trick?

In WandaVision's final moments ever, Wanda's refined magic was on display, as her Scarlet Witch astral projection was in the midst of reading through the Darkhold when she heard voices calling for her. Clearly, it sounded like Billy and Tommy, whom she'd heartbreakingly said goodbye to earlier in the episode. But if Wanda hadn't yet found a way to witch-spell them back into existence, could that somehow still be them somewhere else in the multiverse? Or is there someone else with ties to the Darkhold attempting to maliciously draw Wanda out of her seclusion?

agatha fighting wanda in the hex in wandavision finale

What Exactly Did Agatha Mean About Wanda Unleashing Something Terrible?

Kathryn Hahn's Agatha was, oh, about eight episodes too late with her ominous warning that Wanda was unleashing something terrible, since the Hex was already a profoundly awful creation that will no doubt cast a long shadow over the public's view of Wanda. But did Wanda legitimately unlock something even more devastating, and if so...how? Could Wanda have overstepped her abilities and become TOO powerful by absorbing not only Agatha's magic powers, but also those of all the other Salem witches we saw? Could it be that the Scarlet Witch's magic isn't meant to mix with others, or is there something else Wanda did that will specifically lead to more chaos?

white vision becoming the true vision in wandavision finale

What Will Wanda And New Vision's Relationship Be?

In Marvel's "Vision Quest" storyline, the new white-hued Vision is too different for a relationship with Wanda to continue, to put it in the simplest terms, and they split apart for adventures with other heroes. But WandaVision seemed to set up a possible side-stepping of that concept, unless Kevin Feige & Co. plan on energy-beaming our heartstrings into oblivion by reversing the promise set up in Wanda and Hex-Vision's tearjerker of a final conversation. That said, it doesn't seem like Scarlet Witch is going to be happy-go-lucky in love when the shit hits the hexagonal fan in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so maybe she won't actually be able to connect with Vision 3.0.

monica meeting fbi skrull in theater in wandavision finale

What Is Monica Doing Next With Nick Fury And S.W.O.R.D.?

WandaVision's second-to-last scene was a bridge setting up Teyonah Parris' next MCU chapter as the powered-up Monica Rambeau, with a human-disguised Skrull telling Monica that her presence was being requested somewhere up in space by a friend of her mother Maria's. There's a 99% chance that moment was referencing Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, and a 1% chance the Skrull meant Reed Richards. (Hey, why not?) But what's next for Monica? There's a decent chance she'll be replacing Josh Stamberg's soon-to-be-incarcerated Tyler Hayward as S.W.O.R.D.'s acting Director, but what will become of their team-up, and how will it tie into Captain Marvel 2 and Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credits scene?

agatha harkness back to agnes in wandavision finale

When Will Wanda Return For Agatha’s Assistance?

One of the most brilliant decisions that WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer made in the finale was keeping Agatha alive. Not only would it have been a major disservice to the iconic comic book character, but it also would have been a flat-out tragedy to eliminate Katheryn Hahn from the MCU after her masterful performance throughout the season. (After all, it's "Agatha All Along," not "Agatha All Ashort.") So I cannot wait to see what kind of situation comes up that will bring Scarlet Witch back to Westview to call on Agatha's witching expertise. I mean, it'll likely connect to Wanda's hunt for Billy and Tommy, but no matter the reason, I also really want to see how much the seemingly powerless Agatha has been suffering while trapped in her nosy neighbor persona.

debra jo rupp lying on the street in wandavision finale

How Will Westview’s Citizens Handle Life For The Foreseeable Future?

To piggyback on Agatha's misery, how exactly is she going to live peacefully in Westview among all the other residents? Did Wanda pull off a spell that makes everyone else just accept Agatha's presence? That would be further heinousness, of course, since the real concern for Westview's citizens is how they will all cope psychologically with Wanda having subjugated their identities and free will for so long. If it got to the point where Debra Jo Rupp's Sharon Davis asked for death as opposed to living on inside the Hex, then it will no doubt be a mentally draining effort to revert back to real life with those memories intact. Especially when everyone is surrounded by others who experienced almost the exact same thing. Will any or all of them go public in condemning Scarlet Witch's actions, eventually turning her into a true villain to the public?

evan peters ralph boehner playing guitar on wandavision finale

Could Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner Become Quicksilver In This Universe?

WandaVision took a weird swing with Evan Peters' fake Pietro, with his big finale scene revealing that he's actually the hopeful actor Ralph Bohner, Agnes' long-discussed husband. (That name, and Evan Peters' "boner" laugh, had to have earned the biggest collective audience groans in MCU history.) But was that all just a winking exercise in juvenile trolling, or does Marvel have more plans in store for Peters? Even if he's not playing a true crossover character from Fox's X-Men universe, is it possible that Ralph (or another version of him that actually IS from the Multiverse) could take over the Quicksilver mantle for Phase 4? It's assumed that his mutant-esque powers vanished when he stopped being controlled by Agatha's necklace, but Agatha did say that spells can't be reversed, so what if Ralph's super-speed is permanent?

monica rambeau with yellow eyes on wandavision finale

*Was Monica The Only Person Who Gained Superpowers?*

Wanda's Hex would grow larger or shrink down, depending on her mental fortitude, which meant the radiation-filled barrier walls passed through untold numbers of people before the Hex was eradicated. Given how Monica's cells were rewriting themselves at molecular levels after joining and exiting Wanda's sitcom hijinks, it seemed like a ton of Westview residents were destined to also develop (mutant) powers. But because Monica was the only character shown to go through a physical ordeal when crossing through, that experience is likely what sparked her matter-phasing and other new abilities. Was she really the only person who went through that, though? Whatever happened to the S.W.O.R.D. agent in the beekeeper suit that Wanda zapped out? Assuming he even survived, are his cells also doing some rewriting?

scarlet witch astral projection in wandavision finale

Is Mephisto Ever Coming To The MCU?

Somewhere around 666 out of every 667 WandaVision theories tied back to the idea that Marvel's most hellacious demon Mephisto was pulling the strings somewhere inside or outside of the Hex. Naturally, Mephisto never arrived, but there's no denying a bunch of devilish quotes and references were sprinkled throughout the episodes. And since Agatha's dark magic wasn't nearly as evil and manipulative as Mephisto's powers can be, it's still safe to speculate that WandaVision was just planting seeds for the supernatural villain's arrival in the future. A likely entry point would be the Doctor Strange sequel, but he could even make his presence known in Loki or another project that precedes fans' journey into the Multiverse of Madness.

With all nine episodes of WandaVision now released and available to stream at any time on Disney+, MCU fans are now eagerly anticipating the high-budget action of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the mixed-up craziness of What If...?, with lots more comic book excitement to come after those shows. One WandaVision question that doesn't require more elaboration is "How awesome was it that Vision vs. Vision was solved by an ancient paradox?" Because the answer to that one is "so, so awesome."

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