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That Time Seth Rogen Got Way Too High At The Golden Globes And Bryan Cranston Got Concerned

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad and Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express

Seth Rogen is a poster boy for stoner culture in Hollywood. He has talked about getting high off weed in multiple interviews over the years, as well as writing and starring in the stoner comedy Pineapple Express. The actor has built a large part of his career around it, but apparently, everyone has their limits. Rogen spoke about the time Bryan Cranston was concerned after he got way too high at the Golden Globes.

As a functioning stoner, Seth Rogen is known for constantly being high whether he’s working or not. Everything from his laugh to the intricate details in his work speak to his love of marijuana. Recently, Rogen went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his weed and paraphernalia line, Houseplant. They spoke about his latest business venture along with other topics, including him not being a huge fan of edibles, but Rogen soon revealed his Golden Globe run-in with Bryan Cranston after doing an edible-filled lollipop, saying:

I had one experience at the Golden Globes many years ago that was pretty bad, yeah. That’s the thing with edibles is there have been times with edibles where I thought I was fine, but I was not. And that’s what’s scary about edibles is you don’t even know what they are doing to you. And I was at the Golden Globes, which are a nightmare, so I had a weed lollipop throughout the show. And I thought in my head, I was like, 'I’m really high, but I’m keeping it together.' That was what I kept thinking in my head, like 'Man, this thing is fucking me up, but at least I look and I’m acting totally normal.' Then the show ended, and I went to an afterparty, and I saw Bryan Cranston, who I don’t know that well. But I saw him, and the first thing he said to me was, 'Are you okay?' Which is an alarming question to be asked when you think you are okay.

Getting the question from Bryan Cranston left Seth Rogen questioning how high he was. He revealed how surreal the moment was, given Cranston’s Breaking Bad character:

If you bump into something and you’re hurt, and someone’s like, 'Are you okay?' You’re like, 'Thank you, I’m okay.' But when you just think you’re doing good, and someone looks at you very scared and says, 'Are you okay,' it’ll really bring you back down to earth. That guy’s seen some things. If I was alarming to Walter White, I must have been fucked.

The run-in caused Seth Rogen to leave the afterparty. As Rogen pointed out, if Bryan Cranston expressed some concern over his well-being, he was probably too high for his own good. That’s a wake-up call if I’ve ever heard of one, because it's basically meth kingpin Walter White saying you’re too high.

With that said, Seth Rogen entering into the “recreational” products and marijuana market is very on-brand. Honestly, it’s a surprise Rogen didn't start this venture much earlier, given his status as a weed aficionado. Buying weed and paraphernalia from Rogen should offer customers a certain amount of trust. So, creating this company was a perfect fit for the actor-writer, who probably learned a lot from his time with that edible-laced lollipop.

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