Grey's Anatomy Hilariously Got Shaded By The Voice's Kelly Clarkson And John Legend

Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Voice Season 20 auditions that aired on Tuesday, March 9. Read at your own risk!

The Voice auditions are some of the most entertaining episodes of the average season, perhaps in part because the competition isn't quite so high-stakes in the early stages. The coaches cut up a little more, and if the moment strikes them, they may even take a jab at an iconic television primetime staple. That's exactly what Kelly Clarkson and John Legend did in the latest episode when they hilariously shaded Grey's Anatomy while critiquing a competitor.

The moment came during a performance by JD Casper, who did a folksy take on The Fray's popular song "How To Save A Life." Kelly Clarkson knew the song but couldn't exactly place at first where she heard it. Casper suggested it could be the ABC hit medical series, to which Clarkson promptly shut down with some help from John Legend.

Kelly: I didn't watch that show. I mean, sorry Grey's Anatomy!John: It was on another network. We don't watch that other network.

It's a moment that NBC may have left on the cutting room floor had The Voice's coaches not played it off perfectly. And, in truth, it's not like either one was super down on Grey's Anatomy, just playfully dismissive. Nothing that, I imagine, will create some massive beef between the show and award-winning singers, but still pretty hilarious.

If JD Casper was really trying to make friends at NBC, he might have mentioned The Fray's "How To Save A Life" on Scrubs, but I'm sure he can skate by on The Voice based on singing ability alone. Albeit just barely, as Kelly Clarkson was the single-chair turn that moved him on to the next stage of the competition.

I'm probably not the best judge for how far JD Casper will make it in The Voice Season 20, but it's hard not to like his style. The "one-man-band" vibe with the kick drum at the feet is a nice touch, though being a one-chair turn can always be a big disadvantage because it means coaches may not be eyeing to save you in the knockout rounds. And while it's not exactly a common occurrence, there have been people who have won The Voice with only one coach pulling for them in the audition rounds, so fans shouldn't count Casper out just yet. Perhaps next round, he can name-check Last Man Standing (and their horrifying puppets), and this can be his recurring bit in the competition?

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Season 20 is already off to a great start with competitors and those that haven't been watching need to check out the competitor who absolutely "floored" Blake Shelton.

Mick Joest
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