Wait, Is Chicago Fire Really Going To Revisit Dawsey In Season 9?

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 8 of Chicago Fire Season 9, called "Escape Route."

Chicago Fire brought a fresh face into Firehouse 51 in "Escape Route" when Greg Grainger floated in to take Herrmann's spot while he took some time off, and Casey wasn't thrilled that Brett's new love interest was in the mix as another officer. He wasn't cutting Grainger any slack, to the point that others at 51 had to keep telling Grainger that Casey's not usually that hard on people. Casey finally saw the error of his ways after a confrontation with Grainger, but it was the heated exchange with Brett that might be setting the stage for Fire to revisit Dawsey.

Yes, despite Chicago Fire going hard on Brettsey almost without exception for the past season and a half, "Escape Route" seemingly opened the door to at least revisit Casey's feelings for Dawson. And it's Brett of all people who is pushing Casey back toward Dawson. She went after Casey to tear him a new one for his unfairness toward Grainger, saying:

You've been riding him for two straight shifts. And what you're not getting, Matt, this doesn't have anything to do with Greg Grainger. It doesn't even have to do with me. It has to do with the fact that you're still in love with Dawson. I called you out, and you haven't done anything about it. Maybe you should reach out and resolve that so you can go back to being the Matt Casey everyone looks up to around here, and not this.

Sylvie Brett: dedicated Dawsey shipper to the end? It's worth noting that the one big exception to Chicago Fire building Brettsey as Casey's next big love interest was the fall finale of Season 8, which just so happened to be the episode that brought back Monica Raymund as Gabby Dawson. It pretty much only took a few hours of being around Dawson to remind Casey of what they had together, relight the sparks, and fall into bed together.

Chicago Fire has set the stage to revisit Dawsey, which raises one big question: is the goal to bring Dawsey back somehow, or set Casey on reflecting on their relationship to finally close the door on it? There are no signs that Monica Raymund is returning to Chicago Fire to retake her spot as a series regular, so I'm not sure how Fire could restart Dawsey unless this is the way to write Jesse Spencer out of the show.

Based on the trailer for the next episode, called "Double Red," Casey may be on a trippy journey courtesy of some head trauma. Take a look:

Here's hoping Casey gets some treatment before he sustains any permanent damage! Casey being hurt could bring up some feelings in Brett, but getting his bell rung could also result in some Dawsey stirrings. Find out how Chicago Fire continues Casey's story with the next new episode on Wednesday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET, between Chicago Med at 8 p.m. and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. on NBC. The Dick Wolf universe is continuing to grow thanks to the upcoming Law & Order: SVU spinoff, so be sure to catch the latest episodes.

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