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Henry Cavill's The Witcher Season 2 Has Cast Outlander, Bridgerton Stars And More

henry cavill holding sword on the witcher season 1
(Image credit: netflix press)
(Image credit: netflix press)

For fans of Netflix's fantasy drama The Witcher, the gaps between newsy announcements seemingly stretch on for centuries, thanks in part to the extended Season 2 production facing setbacks at times from both COVID-related issues and injury-related issues for star Henry Cavill. But things are apparently moving along quite smoothly for the crew and cast, as seven actors have joined the latter, including stars from such popular shows as Starz's Outlander and Netflix's own Bridgerton.

The Witcher has been adding to its actor ensemble piece by piece as the months have passed, both by casting characters from the literary source material and by adding completely new characters to the mix. Unsurprisingly, this batch of new additions also features examples from both sides of the adaptation coin.

graham mctavish's Dougal MacKenzie shirtless on the battlefield in outlander season 3

(Image credit: starz press)

Perhaps the most well-known of the new cast members is Scottish TV vet Graham McTavish, who recently reteamed with former Outlander co-star Sam Heughan for the Starz travel series Men In Kilts. According to THR, the Lucifer and Preacher vet has been tapped to portray the master spy Sigismund Dijkstra, who is also the head of Redanian Intelligence and other special forces. The video game character's bald head and imposing demeanor make McTavish an inspired choice for the role.

Brave New World's Cassie Clare will be taking on the role of Philippa Eilhart, the adviser to King Vizimir II and the leader of the Lodge of Sorceresses. Clare was previously rumored to have taken on the Philippa role, but the casting was not confirmed by the streaming giant until now. Netflix also confirmed the prior rumors that Downton Abbey's Kevin Doyle will be portraying a new character named Ba’lian, not to be confused with Balin.

Adjoa Andoh and chris fulton on bridgerton season 1

(Image credit: netflix press)

The Witcher is adding not just one, but two, Bridgerton vets to Season 2. Lady Danbury actress Adjoa Andoh will be taking on the novel-originated character Nenneke, who is a priestess and the head of the Temple of Melitele. Meanwhile, Chris Fulton (who played Prince Phillip Crane in a single Bridgerton ep) will play the mage Rience, who is tasked with tracking down Ciri after her timely disappearance.

Rounding out the casting additions is Devs vet Liz Carr, who will be playing the Dorian law firm partner Fenn, who is also part of the detective agency. Fenn's partner Codringher will be played by famed British actor Simon Callow, who is actually another former Outlander actor. He'd previously recurred as the romance drama's Duke of Sandringham.

The Witcher will hopefully give fans a bigger and brighter look at Season 2 in the near future as we also lie in wait for all the additional spinoff projects that are on the way to Netflix. For now, let's just sit back and think about how awesome it'll be to see Henry Cavill and Graham McTavish sharing the screen.

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