Henry Cavill Explains How The Witcher Season 2 Will Continue Filming Despite More Lockdowns

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The Witcher quickly became one of Netflix's most talked-about original series when it released just prior to Christmas in 2019, and while the wait for Season 2 hasn't yet gotten agonizing, it may very well get that way by the time new episodes arrive. Following the extended pandemic-related delays that halted production for months on end, The Witcher returned to filming back in August, and has already given fans a few new visual treats to tide everyone over. And despite new lockdown procedures going into place in the UK, Henry Cavill has revealed the show must go on!

Specifically, Henry Cavill took to social media with a Witcher Season 2 update about a shift in filming plans tied to this week's renewed safety lockdowns. In his words:

England returns to Lockdown on Thursday so it is time for me to depart Yorkshire and The extraordinary North, and head back down South to continue shooting in the studio. Thank you for hosting all of us on season 2 of The Witcher. Hopefully I shall return to your hills, dales and fells soon. Stay strong and stay safe, my friends. #Yorkshire #TheLakeDistrict #Witcher2

While things could obviously still reach a point where Netflix decides to pull the plug on The Witcher's Season 2 production, here's hoping that a trek south will be the only necessary precaution needed to get more filming completed without incident. It sounds like the cast and crew will essentially be leaving behind location shoots in order to focus entirely on sequences and set-ups that can be filmed entirely within the studio soundstage. The way Cavill words it makes it seem like there are still plans to return to outdoor filming in Yorkshire at a point when it's deemed safe to do so.

As such, it doesn't look like showrunner will need to make any big changes to the storyline in order to account for the location shift. Granted, Henry Cavill wouldn't be the person to share that information, but he might have seemed less enthused about heading South if he knew the writers were making changes on the eels, er, on the fly.

The Witcher previously dealt with some recasting issues after actor Thue Ersted Rasmussen was forced to exit the series due to schedule delays bumping into another previously agreed-upon project. He was later replaced by Victoria vet Basil Eidenbenz for the role of Eskel. No other big changes have been announced, and fingers crossed it stays that way.

The Witcher doesn't yet have any kind of a premiere date set up just yet, and Season 2's production will likely be 100% complete before Netflix even thinks about announcing a premiere window. The same probably goes for the impending live-action spinoff series. While waiting to hear what we can expect from all those projects, though, stay tuned to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule.

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