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Cole Sprouse Will Only Watch The Suite Life With His Identical Twin Brother Under Two Circumstances

Cole Sprouse’s career has flourished since sharing the screen with his brother Dylan on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The Riverdale star rarely speaks about his time on the Disney sitcom, but the show’s avid fanbase still watches the series. Sprouse recently revealed the only circumstances that he would watch the Disney Channel series with his twin brother.

Cole Sprouse gave some insight into being a Disney child star in an episode of Vogue’s 73 Questions. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ruled the Disney Channel in the mid-2000s alongside Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana. Sprouse and his twin brother have since moved on from their Disney heyday. The Riverdale star admitted to not watching himself in any projects he’s done. He revealed the two ways he would watch The Suite Life:

When I’m drunk or feeling really narcissistic, yeah. I don’t really like to watch anything I do. So, I try to stay away from it.

Cole Sprouse’s response might come off as someone not especially appreciative of The Suite Life’s success and fanbase, but a deeper look shows an actor who seems a little more grounded than other child stars of his era. Like many actors, he just hates seeing himself onscreen. Plus, I mean, who can blame him if he doesn’t want to watch himself experiencing those awkward teen years on television?

Being a child star in Hollywood can be a competitive sport, which can fracture friendships or family relationships as time goes on. It can even lead to mental and emotional problems down the line despite having success. Cole Sprouse spoke on how that competitiveness played into his relationship with his twin Dylan:

Well, it just so happened my direct competition was my identical twin brother, but we were eating off the same table. So, you know, same team.

Again, Cole Sprouse seems above the cutthroat part of showbiz. He didn’t let that affect his relationship with his twin. Like he pointed out, both gained fame and success from starring in the same Disney series. After that success, they stepped away from Hollywood for a few years before returning to the spotlight. That time away seemed to have grounded Sprouse and his brother.

Despite his aversion to watching The Suite Life, he named his role in the Disney Channel series as his best role to date. The role was his (and his brother’s) breakthrough into the mainstream so he should still be proud to claim it. Many child stars distance themselves from their younger roles as they grow up in the business. It may work in advancing their career, but can insult the audience and the work that afford them their current success. So, it's nice to see a former child star such as Sprouse still embrace their past work with love.

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